Arrow (S07E02) “The Longbow Hunters”

Okay guys we had another great episode, and we were introduced to quite a few of the villains of the new season The Longbow Hunters!

So we have Oliver (Stephen Amell) still in prison but is heading into some new dangerous territory while in the slammer, apparently Brick (Vinnie Jones) is wanting Oliver to “get rid of” security guard Yorke (Ryan Jefferson Booth) by any means necessary so Oliver thinks if he can get the guy fired then that will do it for Brick to give the info Oliver is looking for. But like always there are road blocks, which leads to possibly murdering the poor guy or going to the extremes, and I’m kinda thankful that Oliver went with the extreme route. But will that create more problems in future seasons, maybe but it’s hard to really know.

Now in these flash forward scenes I’m starting to really think that Oliver and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) are no longer alive which if that’s true, what happens between the time of now to those twenty years in the future? I guess we will be finding out soon especially with Old Man Arsenal (Colton Haynes) and Adult William (Ben Lewis) are on their way back to Star City but what will happen when they get there? I’m thinking that either the team fails and Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) took over the city with all villains ruling over Star City or something horrible! But I guess we will find out soon!

In this episode we met Silencer (Miranda Edwards) which is actually a new character that has some comic book background but not a lot. Not like how a lot of the other comic book characters have. Silencer was recently created in the comic book world in 2017 and then was given a solo comic book series that just started back in March or May  2018 so that people can get an understanding of the comic book character before she was brought onto the Arrow series. Which was a nice way of doing it, from the comic’s Silencer is a retired hit woman for the organization known as Leviathan, when she retired she chose the suburban family life but all of that was taken away when an enemy of her past came back to bring her back into the life of a hit woman known as the Silencer. She had to leave her whole family behind to keep them safe but if the deal is ever broken between the ghost of her past and her then her family dies. Truth be told the Silencer is a very interesting brand new comic book character thats been invented. Her solo comic series has been a real hit and to die for, not really die though.

Now the second villain of the Longbow Hunters that we met in todays episode was Red Dart (Holly Elissa) and this character is an original character of the Longbow Hunters which is awesome that they brought her in. Yes I said her, I now that way back in the comics Silver Age, Red Dart was a man, because every character had to be a man back then unless the hero was married to a woman. But when they reinvented the comics into the New 52, Red Dart became a woman character which I love, because thats the character that they chose to use in the television show. Red Dart is one of those characters that is mysterious, especially the version they chose to use from the comics. The comics version they chose to use was the version from New 52 comics that went to collect a bounty on Green Arrow’s life.

And Kodiak (Micheal Jonsson) who is not an original member of the Longbow Hunters but he does seem to fit quite well into the series as a member really well. I mean did you see that shield! That was one deadly shield and it was awesome too; but I can tell out of all of the Longbow Hunters, Kodiak is going to be one tough guy to take down. Maybe some of the others will be easy to take down but not Kodiak, they will need Green Arrow for that one! However in the comics, Kodiak was a member of the Shield Clan and a long time member of The Outsiders, and in the comics was sent to the island to kill Green Arrow and Shado. But that was the comics and now knowing that he’s a part of the Outsiders, it makes one wonder, are they slowly building up to try to collect all of these characters to make the team eventually? I guess we will have to wait and see!

And what secret deal did Felicity and Special Agent Watson (Sydelle Noel) make after they sent Oliver into prison? So many mysteries in this season but thats what is bringing it back to it’s hype again!

Next Episode: Arrow(S07E03) “Crossing Lines” airs Monday October 29, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW