Legends of Tomorrow (S04E01) “The Virgin Gary”

Welcome Back my readers for Legends of Tomorrow, I’m so happy to have this series back; I know we all have missed this series but we all are even more happier to have John Constantine (Matt Ryan) back on our televisions and joining in on the Legends shenanigans! Lets get to this review!

So with this episode we saw our great Legends finishing up with the time displacements and think they can celebrate by putting time back in order. But there’s a great evil that has been unleashed that is making the darkness rise. John Constantine comes to Sara (Caity Lotz) to warn her great evil is coming their way but she ignores the warning and goes to try to start something official with Ava (Jes Macallan) but like always there’s something that has to interrupt it! Which sends the Legends off to Woodstock to investigate why history has changed in the ways of it no longer being known as the peace and drug use time but instead is being remembered as the most gruesome massacre of all time. When the Legends go off to their investigation, they find out that it’s caused by something that craps rainbows, and is suppose to be the symbol of peace and love and magical things, yes people you guessed it, a Unicorn!

No people you heard me right, it was a Unicorn who had an appetite for human hearts; makes sense for the hippie massacre now! But sure enough, the Legends had to deal with a Unicorn. When they tried taking care of it themselves they got drugged by the magical rainbow of the Unicorn! And man did I laugh so hard, I loved the hallucination Mick/Heatwave (Dominic Purcell) had, he was seeing his old pet mouse Axel as a bigger size talking to him. But that’s not all, Nate (Nick Zano) also had a hallucination of his father Henry (Thomas F. Wilson) which was interesting but just the whole hallucinations was hilarious!

When the Legends couldn’t take care of the Unicorn themselves, they went after Constantine to help them take care of the problem. The only thing is that Constantine doesn’t want to help out until he hears it has to deal with a Unicorn and then he was gun hoe about it and even brought his old book of solomon of spells which specified that they needed a virgin; oh my they are in the wrong place to look for virgins, theres everything but virgins in Woodstock! Eventually it came down to requesting for Gary’s (Adam Tsekhman) help which I can see him being a virgin. I’m sorry but I can literally see Gary as being the one guy whose an actual virgin because look at the guy what part of him doesn’t scream lonely nerd? Now I have to admit that animation and 3D modeling that they did for the demonic Unicorn was amazing, I loved it so much I’m glad they made it into this demonic figure at the end even if it was only for a short few seconds it was worth it. Constantine sends the Unicorn back to Hell and all is set back to being right.

Now in the episode I do understand why Zari (Tala Ashe) showed Ray (Brandon Routh) about when she was a kid in 2018 and how her and her mother (Sandy Sidhu) were happy. Because no matter what, in any time period that they go to, in any place they go to, Zari still feels responsible for what happened to her family and to her brother but Zari understands why she can’t go and tell her younger self or her mother to get everyone out of the United States while they can, because it would disrupt a fixed point in time and thats the points in time that they are never allowed to break no matter how bad they want to. And with Zari coming to terms that time is sacred and it needs to be protected is a huge deal. It’s a huge improvement from where she was back in the last season and I think it really has to do with Ray. Because Ray has been that guy who has always given a light to Zari’s dark tunnel; he’s the guy who has always been there to listen to everything and to give good advice and be like a new family member to Zari. And I feel like that’s also why Zari wanted to tell Ray about his quest for Nora (Courtney Ford) because truth be told Zari cares about Ray, she doesn’t want that nerdy scientist that she cares about to get heart broken or anything like that. But at the same time she sympathizes with him!

Now that Constantine has that blood message from a demon, which I believe is going to turn out to be Nargul, Constantine will have no choice but to join the Legends to run away from his designated time deadline. Why do I believe that it’s Nargul; well think about it, when Constantine all those years ago made that deal with Nargul to take down the organization that was keeping Astra hostage against her will and to free Astra. Constantine failed miserably to contradict what Nargul would really do which is make the deal for Constantine’s soul and to take Astra’s soul as a down payment. Now because Astra is still down there in Hell and Constantine is still working on getting her back from damnation. Now his soul is on the line and he’s not ready to bite the bullet just yet! So one has to wonder will we see Nargul in a story arc for this season? We will have to watch and find out!

Next Episode: Legends of Tomorrow(S04E02) “Witch Hunt” airs Monday October 29, 2018 at 10/9c on The CW