The Flash (S05E03) “The Death of Vibe”

This episode was another great episode my speedy readers, the episode I think today had all of us on edge thinking that someone was going to die due to the title of the episode but that ends up not being the case so don’t worry people! Lets get to the review!

So in this episode we hear straight forward from Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) that when she learned everything in the Flash Museum she learned about the one villain that no one was ever able to defeat and that is Cicada (Chris Klein) who doesn’t even have an alias name; and when she said no one was able to, she means everyone which dropped the names of super teams such as Justice League, the Legends, The Outsiders, even heroes on their own like Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) where unsuccessful in defeating the great villain that got away. But another thing that was revealed is that no one even knows how Cicada got his powers, which is interesting!

But like how everyone should know when you are dealing with speedsters, the time line can always be changed just like how it is being changed now with Cicada being too early in the timeline which means if Barry (Grant Gustin) and all of Team Flash don’t succeed then all the teams who tried taking down Cicada after Flash will fail even earlier. Will they succeed? Well to find out if they can succeed they hire a new Wells, yes people you hear me right a new Wells is on the case and it is Sherloque Wells (Tom Cavanagh) which ends up being a joke, sure he can figure out easy things but I don’t think he’s ever figured out a true hard case before because he doesn’t know how to. He takes on all these cases he thinks are easy and then tricks people out of their money, he’s a joke; but the team needs more jokers on the team!

With this episode it seemed like Cicada was hell bent on trying to find Cisco (Carlos Valdes) but we never know why, was it because he was able to pick up the dagger and it cut his hands to were it needed more of his blood? Whatever the reason may have been, Cicada was out to kill Cisco and targeted Joe (Jesse L. Martin) when doing so only because the photographer took pictures of Cisco and Joe always in the same picture in every crime photo. Cicada was so hell bent he was even starting to torture Joe to get answers from him, he even spoke about family as if he had some of his own. But this is what’s really interesting in the comics Cicada only had a wife, not a child, so they changed his comic history for the series by making him of course young but also having him with a daughter whose gravely ill and possibly in a coma. But now it makes you question, what happened to his wife? And when Cicada was in there with Joe; Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) alerted the alarms to get Team Flash to help them.

If it wasn’t for Nora to help Cisco with other ways of breeching, Cisco would’ve been dead. That whole tease literally made all of us think the worst and we can’t handle a funeral his season; we just can’t! But thankfully we didn’t have to worry about losing Cisco! Now we also saw that Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) made a surprise visit to her mother Carla (Susan Walters) to find out who or why someone falsified her father’s death and why they would do all of this for so long to make Caitlin and her mother think that he’s dead. What happened to Caitlin’s father? And who the heck is watching Caitlin from a dozen monitors? I guess thats why we all have to continue watching!

Next Episode: The Flash(S05E04) “News Flash” airs October 30, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW