Midnight, Texas – A Season Two Primer

It has been a loooong time since the end of season one, and if you remember, we ended with the arrival of the scariest things to invade Midnight yet. That’s right, property developers! Run for your lives! Starbucks is coming! One if by land, two if by—well, not sea, as Midnight is in the middle of the desert, but you get the idea. But after more than a year, the wait is almost over. Here are a few tidbits to get you prepped for the upcoming season:

Who is out:
Sarah Ramos (Creek) – it actually looks like she might be back for the beginning of the season, but will be gone before long. Poor Manfred!
Yul Vazquez (Rev. Emilio Sheehan) – Same as above, he’s returning for a few episodes, then he’ll be gone.

Season two sees Our Heroes hoping to settle down to a normal existence, (or whatever passes for a normal existence in Midnight, Texas) only to have their peaceful little burg turned upside down. Patience Lucero (Jaime Ray Newman) and her husband Kai (Nestor Carbonell) have arrived to open the Crystal Desert, a spiritual resort in Midnight. That’s right, Midnight is about to become a tourist destination. It seems that Midnight has amazing psychic vibes, or whatever, and it also seems Kai is some kind of healer. As you can imagine, Our Heroes are none too thrilled at the disneyfication of Midnight.

Other things we can look forward to:
– Exploring Fiji’s witchy lineage
– The arrival of Olivia’s mysterious father
– The arrival of Walker Chisum, a sexy demon hunter who might just catch Joe’s eye
– Watching Manfred learn that letting demons borrow your body can have a cumulative effect, and it ain’t pretty
– What happens when a vampire and a human assassin tie the knot
– And, of course, more Mr. Snuggly