Mr. Mercedes (S02E10) “Fade to Blue”

Wow, okay guys this was a…wow season finale! I don’t think anyone was expecting the results that we got but you know what it’s all going to be discussed here in the review! But now that we have season two finished, will we get more seasons? Will we get a season three? We the fans need to know! But lets get to the review!!

So in this episode Brady (Harry Treadaway) had to full everyone in the eyes of the court of law, I think the only one he had fulled was his idiot of a lawyer. I can see why that lawyer has won so many cases before Brady’s case, because he is such an idiot that he made everyone go down to his stupidity level that they had no choice but to win just so those judges could shut him up. I mean if you were witness to this episode you heard how stupid he made himself being and how he always twisted what he didn’t like hearing around so that he liked what he heard. And it’s because of that stupidity that it was going to allow a full psycho path known as Brady to be released because he twisted around all the words that everyone was saying. And that for one should not be allowed but sadly it is because its the United States court rooms and they have ways around to not be over ruled.

We all know that Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) was going to see right through Brady, but it wasn’t enough when they put him in the jail cell right next to him to try to reveal to him the real Brady. But sadly, Brady had ways around that too; he got into Hodges head and made him try to choke him to his death which you can tell Brady was getting enjoyment out of it, he was even smiling when it was happening. But it wasn’t enough, it almost got poor Hodges in trouble; but he had an epiphany while in that jail cage and we all know that after this episode the obsession is never over. There’s no way that the story is over, Brady is going to find a way to come back to life again wither it’s through technology again or somehow being a split persona towards our fan favorite character Lou (Breeda Wool) which I have things to say about Lou, but I’ll get to that in a little bit! But we all know when Brady does choose to come back to the land of the living once again that our dear Hodges will be on the case!

Now for Lou, I think that’s the character we all are going to be talking about after this episode! Holy Shit; sorry for the language but seriously what she did, thats whats going to be talked about for a long time now. Like all this season it’s been a recovery for poor Lou, and we’ve all been feeling bad for her especially when she started having the nightmares about Brady coming back and stabbing her, like we’ve always felt bad for her and in season one we loved her, in season two we don’t just love we praise her for what she did in this episode! It was so smart, so genius, it was spectacular in how she tricked everyone that she was there to only testify, she smuggled in that gun so well that it was amazing! But I have a feeling that from when they had her talk to Brady before her testimony all the way to after her testimony; Brady calculated everything. He knew how to push Lou’s button’s which because of that idiotic lawyer, Brady was going to go free. And thats what Lou had calculated thats why she did what she did; because she calculated everything that the lawyer had presented to the jury and the judge which would’ve lead to Brady’s freedom and Lou wasn’t having it. That’s why she shot him right in the eye! Sure Lou has to do jail time now and maybe therapy but you know what, it’s worth it because she got rid of the problem that no one else was going to do. And I love this about Lou, she’s pretty much as intelligent as Brady, she could almost be known as the smartest woman alive just like how Brady was known as the smartest man alive!

Will we get a season three? I guess we will have to wait and see but with that ending how could we not get a season three am I right? Lets hope that Audience channel does listen to us and gives us at least one more season! Until next time my readers!