Mayans M. C. (S01E08) “Rata/Ch’o”

Episode eight was a Potter heavy episode. Still up to his old tricks, he uses force and threats to get what he wants. EZ is once again noticed by the law because of Coco’s family drama. Miguel makes a difficult choice.

EZ again involved in other’s drama 

EZ (JD Pardo) goes looking for an MIA Coco (Richard Cabral) after he is told by Leticia (Emily Tosta) about her lie. She is worried that he went to hurt his mother because he believes that she almost killed Leticia. Justifiably so, because he ended mom’s life. I couldn’t quite tell at first if Coco was losing his mind as a result or if he was relieved. Of course EZ is the one left to take care of the body, with Angel (Clayton Cardenas) in tow. They are pulled over with the body in the trunk because of a broken taillight. The rookie cop pops the trunk and finds a very dead Celia (Ada Luz Pla). They both look at each other and automatically hit the pavement.

Miguel gets another offer 

Potter (Ray McKinnon) separates Emily (Sarah Bolger) and Miguel (Danny Pino) thinking that he could intimidate them both. Neither are very impressed. Emily makes it clear that she will never turn on her husband and Miguel has a charge me or release me attitude. With none of his tactics working, he plays the CPS card. Emily is told to flip on her husband or lose her child and Miguel is told to sign on as Potter’s “partner” or his wife will decide his fate. I have a feeling Potter is going to regret this (really regret it). Emily now knows that EZ is a rat, but didn’t say anything to Miguel.  There will come a time when Emily will have to choose between her past love or her present love.

Only two episodes left this season! With Sutter’s genius, the time between episodes seems longer and longer every week.

Mayans M. C. airs Tuesday nights on FX at 9pm Central