S.W.A.T. (S02E05) “S.O.S.”


An unexpected stop

OUMg 300x154 - S.W.A.T. (S02E05) "S.O.S."
A relaxed holiday at sea soon turns upside down

A cruise liner off the coast of LA is on its way back from Mexico is soon set to dock in LA, but things quickly go awry. Two brothers, Remy and Colton Pope, were using their jobs on board as a cover for drug smuggling. 4 miles of shore, they decided to move the drugs from the suitcases into laundry bags where they would pick it up once they docked. But, a security guard caught them doing this and signalled help. Weller, former LAPD, came and soon realized what was happening. He took a bullet to the arm but was able to send a call out for help. The Pope brothers took control of the captain and his crew and forced the ship to a stop.

Connor Reeves, a passenger on board, called 9-1-1 from a SAT phone after realizing things weren’t as they seemed. Hondo (Shemar Moore) and Chris (Lina Esco) boarded the ship via NEMO. Moments before they breach the bridge, Tan (David Lim) and Deacon (Jay Harrington) warn them about there being 5 smugglers aboard – not 2. Hondo quickly finds that out the hard way when he gets into a gunfight with one of them. Chris saves Hondo’s life and kills one of the smugglers, but things go sideways quickly. The Pope brothers demand Hondo turn himself in or Remy will start by killing the captain. Hondo turns himself in and decides to make a deal with the unknown smuggler, realizing that he is the one in charge. They agree on a speedboat coming for them and Hondo goes with them as a hostage until the unknown smuggler is off the ship, only then will Hondo be released.

During this, Chris overhears the man in charge over the radio and hears a specific background sound. Weller directs her to the Lounge. Deacon comes with the speedboat and the smugglers order him to drive them, unbeknownst to them that he is S.W.A.T. Connor creates interference between the radios for a loud static sound to go off in the smugglers ear-piece, Chris uses this to identify who he is. Chris and this guy get into a huge fight, the fight makes its way to the kitchen and plates, glass and other kitchen utensils are thrown around. Before being choked out, Chris takes the unknown assailant down. Moments after, Deacon and Hondo take the 3 other smugglers down on the speedboat. In the end, the crisis at sea was averted and Chris, Hondo and Deacon might make it back in time for the Dusk til Dawn relay.

Backlash on Street

OUPH 300x153 - S.W.A.T. (S02E05) "S.O.S."
Luca seems to be a big obstacle standing in Street’s way

Deciding to make things right, Hondo got Street (Alex Russel) into the S.W.A.T. Academy for a shot at rejoining S.W.A.T. After getting a lot of heat from Luca (Kenny Johnson), Street decides to offer his and Devlin’s help in taking part in the Dusk til Dawn race. After wanting to not make any friends or anything, Devlin and Street soon develop a friendship. Street’s journey into rejoining may be easier now that he has a friend, but will it end well knowing that there is only 1 spot available…


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