Supernatural (S14E03) “The Scar”

“I’m okay.”

These are usual the main words we always hear from Dean after he’s gone through something traumatic. He does his best to brush it off like everything is okay and just storm right back into battle. Same old, same old Dean. But no. He comes back to the bunker being change, a lot. They have more people (from the other dimension) on high alert with hunting things and taking care of one another, Sam growing his beard which he doesn’t like, and Jack being frustrated with being human. So yes a lot of changes have occurred in his absence. An none of them really phase him, he just feels like he’s back in the ball game an  all is good. Until he finds the scar on his arm. Did I mention he has no clue how it got there. 

This next part is a darn kicker! Letting Cast jog in his mind must have been an odd experience. Yet he survived it with no problem. So not only is he acting all Mr. Tough guy he’s also being very stubborn & impatient when Jody gives them a hint about where the scar may have come from. Dean seemed all hugs & smiles when seeing Jody but once all three of them hit the woods….he was leaving them like they were lagging him behind. He wanted to quickly find the cloaked person that stabbed him. At all costs!

“We need to break her.”

This line above was something that made me think of the previous episode with Nick. How Cast said Lucifer did a number on his psyche, I feel like it did the sane with Dean. But Other Kya brought up how him & Micheal are the same…but Dean is mainly scared. To be honest I thought Jody & Sam would have to hold him back from hurting her. But because she explained that she was mainly being hunted for her spear they couldn’t hurt her for they had company show up. Now it’s already enough that they got there asses handed to them by her & now there getting there asses handed to them by a bunch of werewolves.

All I could think was “Not the face!” But Dean made a smart decision by shooting the hostage free & she used the spear (which Dean kept eyeing to have to kill Michael but couldn’t have it) with such ease. An as with all villainous characters she left & told them she was use to being chased. After this Jody told the boys she’ll have to tell the girls what’s going on, even though she really wants to protect she knows she fully can’t. As for Dean he told Sam he was right. The situation was bothering him and all his big talk of everything being cupcakes an rainbows really wasn’t.

His time with Michael wasn’t a pleasant one, at the time he didn’t fully know what Michael was doing but he was always fighting. Fighting to get free but always slipping and drowning farther, an father, and farther away. Dean being possessed not only effect him but Sam & the others as well, An I’m starting to think, he’s noticing that.

Now as for back at the bunker, Cast had to stay behind to help a girl who got cursed by a witch. She was aging, an quickly. They had to take action to help her or else the survivor of the witch hunt won’t live to see tomorrow. While this situation is going on, we have Jack ready to run away. Backpack in hand, letter on the bed and ready to storm up the stairs to the outside world. But he decides to check an see what Cast is doing.

“Are you going somewhere?”


At this moment I’m very happy he decided to stay. Cause I would’ve lost my marbles if they had to man hunt for Jack all over again. Because the first time they lost him it was a dark trail they had to follow to find him. We don’t need a repeat.

“Is that your Dad?”

“One of them.”

When the girl told her story of how she ran away from pretty much her family, her school, her living situations to be found by a witch. All I could think was, “No wonder she took advantage of you. She used the fact that you wanted a better life against you.” The girl said the witch was kind, fed her & the other girls, gave them nice things, & pretty much made them feel at home. So much at home to the point where they didn’t want to leave an go back to there old lives. Then it all went down hill from here, the witch only wanted them for there youth & that’s what she got. Two girls youth & one that close to dying. Jack reassured her that Cast would save the day. Well that thought was short lived since the spell didn’t work.

Cast & the other hunter did nothing because there was nothing else they could think of to do! Hunters are use to life & death of a survivor of an attack or a friend or even a family member, They were prepared to lay her to rest when that spell went south. But Jack proved them wrong, Jack proved that he can help.To all the ladies & gentlemen out there it pays to listen as it does to read. Jack figured out that the curse was still going on and why. To be honest I wouldn’t have been able to figure it out but he did. Jack helped her regain her life back & he got a win.

Near the end Jack said he thought he was getting a cold but after seeing that basket of bloody tissues. I think otherwise. Was he affect by the witches power? Or is this something else? I need to know! He can’t die!


My thoughts on the preview for next week’s: Simple, it’s going to be funny & pretty much a Halloween episode. I’m ready for it! 

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