Superstore (S04E04) “Costume Competition”

The mission if they choose to accept it: win the costume competition and win a paid day off. Here’s a recap of this Halloween episode of Superstore.

With Amy failing to get time off for her pregnancy, she gets the next best thing: win a costume competition. But when everyone steps up their costume game, her and Mateo tries to get them to take it off due to stereotyping their co-workers. That is until everyone makes a big deal and arguing what’s okay and not okay.  Soon they kept their costumes and competed. Mateo tries to sabotage Amy’s plan too. But at the end, the gerrymandering Jonah announced that Amy is the winner.

Meanwhile, the store has a new device when it comes to moving the shopping car collector. After Sondra and the other playing with it, Glenn stops them and takes the device. But when he takes the device; the collector to follow him in a way like Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees.

And to the song of the week! The “Halloween Surfboard” was such a go grabbing song that it really made the episode better. When Jonah tells Garrett about how annoying it is, Garrett catches on and it drives him crazy so much that he calls the department to change the song. Why would Dracula put moon-tan lotion at night? It was the storyline stealer of the episode. Here’s the song!

“Costume Competition” was an episode to remember and top’s season three’s episode too. The writing was so good and the character development was too. The performances from the cast were amazing but Colton Dunn stole the episode. Overall,I give this episode a 9.5/10.

What did you think “Costume Competition”? What did you think of the song?  Leave a comment.

You can catch Superstore Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.