The Good Place (S03E05) “Chapter 32: The Ballad of Donkey Doug”

Can Jason and the gang help steer Donkey Doug in the right direction? Here’s a recap of this week’s episode of The Good Place.

As Jason, Tahani and Michael head to Florida to meet with Donkey Doug; they try to help him steer in the path to get into The Good Place. Tahani and Michael learn that Donkey Doug is Jason’s father and when they try to help him by giving him money to finish electrician school. But Doug and Pillboi announced their new invention Double Trouble that’s an energy drink and deodorant spray. Yikes, right?

Doug tells Jason that they’re gonna steal some stuff from three stores to make their product. With a disappointed Jason, Michael comes to terms to suggest that they try to say Pillboi, which they did in a way that was simple and easy. But Jason went to help his father; but then gets caught by the cops. Doug saves him and diverts the cops his way.

Meanwhile, Chidi needs help on how to properly break up with Simone. Janet invited a virtual reality simulation that puts Chidi in a realistic situation and tries many different ways to break up. Even had Eleanor trying to break up with Simone which almost had them kissing. Even though Chidi broke up with Simone badly, they did come to good terms.

As the gang meets up, Michael gives Eleanor a big shocking surprise that her mother is in fact alive. WHAT THE FORK?!

“The Ballad of Donkey Doug” was a well-written episode. Not to mention that the cast put on an amazing performance. Manny Jacinto gives his best performance as his character really had a strong character development. And what can I say I got teary eye when Donkey Doug saved Jason from the cops. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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