Van Helsing (S03E04) “Rusty Cage”

Okay my readers, so we had another great episode brought to us again and boy was it good! Even though we didn’t see our hero Vanessa (Kelly Overton) in this episode we still had quite a fantastic episode, this is a special episode that actually does connect our hero to Vampire Sam in the series which just might connect them even further but it’s hard to say I have a theory about it and I will get to it in a little bit. But lets get to the review!

Okay so in this episode it was focused mainly on Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) and Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) and we got a taste of Sam’s past from when he first had the taste of blood but to be fair those kids were asking for it. I have to be honest seeing these flash backs of Sam and seeing how much he suffered and seeing that he wasn’t fully deaf when he was younger and it was in the school where he first met Felix (Bzhaun Rhoden) and cut out his tongue because he wasn’t playing the game right. But it was in that school where Sam first met his first friend which was a security guard. The guard made friends with Sam, even protected him when he was being hit and bullied upon. It’s the guard that gave Sam the idea to protect himself, but not in the way of killing people; it was a dark cloaked figure (Jesse Stanley) who planted the idea of killing in his head.

But here’s the thing, we have now seen that both Sam and Vanessa have seen the same cloaked figure in their lives. Vanessa saw the cloaked figure when she was a child just after her foster parents death on the road all those years ago. And Sam saw it when he was close to a teenager or so but still it appeared to both of them when they were younger and it treated the two of them differently. With Vanessa it seemed like it was more curious about her and with Sam it seemed like it was weaponizing him for an army that leads to the end. But why did this figure appear to these two? Does this mean that Vanessa and Sam are both connected to see the end of the apocalypse or to be a part of the end together? Either way it’s still making me wonder who is this woman in black? Is it someone connecting to the Bram Stoker Dracula/Van Helsing lore? Or is she someone new? I know I had a theory before about her being possibly Mina or someone like that and my theory still stands to be that, but what if and it’s a big what if. But what if it’s one of the Elders? Or another crazy theory, what if it’s Sam’s mother whose spirit somehow looked into the future and has been trying to turn Sam into a killer to prepare for the vampire apocalypse?

I have to say I loved the dynamic between Ivory (Jennifer Cheon) and Scab (Rowland Pidlubny) I mean the two seemed like they were pretty tight fitted in that crawl space under that house or trailer or whatever it was. But at least they had some alone time together, who knows what they’ve been doing under there, okay my dirty mind can think of a few things but I’m not gonna say them, cause I want to hear from the rest of you what you think. But I think in my opinion that we are going to be soon getting a romance between the two of them. I mean you can already see a little bit of that appearing during this episode, which is nice because for once Scab feels important and we’ve seen all through his path that he’s that vampire you had to feel bad for because he just seemed like a lacky to both Julius (Aleks Paunovic) and to the late Dimitri. But it’s good to see that after all this time Scab is finally getting recognized as being a strong protector to someone that he cares for, even if she’s much older than him, they would be a good couple for each other. And Ivory, sure she is still devoted to the sisterhood because she owes them her life after they saved her from being burned to her death or so they thought. But you can’t deny that Ivory does feel something for Scab, we all saw it Ivory, you can’t deny it anymore!

Now we all saw how Sam threw away Mohamad like he was the old news, only because Sam was teaching Mohammad wrong to make sure he fails and thats what I kind of feel is wrong. Like if Sam really did care for Mohammad and didn’t see him as just something to eventually throw away then yeah Sam would’ve had the patience and peace to train Mohammad as being the “chosen one” whatever that means. But now Mohammad is trapped and we have to wonder, will Mohammad come to his senses and find Vanessa so that she can turn Mohammad back to human and then he joins in on the journey with Vanessa, Scarlett and Axel (Jonathan Scarfe)? it’s hard to say really but I would bet on something like that happening. I just hope Mohammad doesn’t try going after Sam and Mohammad and Felix have this whole stand off against each other you know. Because even though Felix has gone to the dark side, I don’t want nothing bad happening to both Felix and Mohammad. Sam can have all bad things happen to him I wouldn’t care for the most part but it’s the kids that he’s turned that you have to worry for.

Until next time my readers, this has been another great write to let you all read! And all who are reading this, you have to tell Syfy from now on to renew Van Helsing for Season 4, otherwise it will have the same fate as Dominion and no one wants the network to pull another Dominion act over our heads!

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S03E05) “Pretty Noose” airs Friday November 2, 2018 at 10/9c on Syfy