MacGyver (S03E05) “Dia de Muertos + Sicarios + Family”

MacGyver (Lucas Till) and the team are back in action with this spooktacular episode. Halloween is in the air and they spare no expense, which makes for a great piece of entertainment. With all the successful missions as of late, one can’t help but wonder if the ones ahead will be less than satisfying. Spoilers ahead.

Riley (Tristin Mays) and Bozer (Justin Hires) are on an undercover operation. The team isn’t together in this episode, but each character is able to bring their own twist on the task at hand. When a treasonous target playing hard to get, they have to pool their resources and think outside the box to get what they need. Include a dump truck of candy, and another mission successful.

macgyvers03e051 1024x576 - MacGyver (S03E05) “Dia de Muertos + Sicarios + Family”
The happy “couple” on the job. (Photo: CBS)

Jack (George Eads) and MacGyver are deep in the heart of Mexico after Oversight’s (Tate Donovan) latest mission goes awry. What should’ve been a routine, everyday, covert affair becomes a rescue mission. Aside from Jack’s many superstitions, he and MacGyver are the right ones for the job. If only the cartel would allow them to finish the mission intact.

Oversight had the inclination to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for our heroic duo, which MacGyver is able to decipher with ease. Although they have been reunited with Oversight, they aren’t in the clear just yet. Grievously injured, they must race against the clock once again, this time against death itself.

macgyvers03e05 1024x576 - MacGyver (S03E05) “Dia de Muertos + Sicarios + Family”
Jack and Mac are back in action. (Photo: CBS)

The special “package” that Oversight was trying to secure, has power over the locals and has them living in fear. It doesn’t take long for him, and his army of supporters to make a rescue mission of their own. Trapped in dangerous territory and exposed, it makes escape nearly impossible. In dire situations, the “three amigos” seem to thrive. It may seem impossible, but in this show, nothing ever is.

MacGyver trying out Out-MacGyver… MacGyver. Oh yes, that happens to be a thing. Since the reconnection of father and son, there is an unwritten competition between the two. Tensions are still strained, but that is to be expected. Secrets are deep and many, and they haven’t even started to scratch the surface. With more pressing matters at hand, differences must be set aside. Sometimes you need to depend on your enemy in order to survive.

Although there is another positive ending for this episode, there is an ominous vibe to what may lie ahead for the team. IT is coming for them all.

MacGyver returns with a new episode on Friday, November 2nd on CBS at 8/7c.