Midnight, Texas (S02E01) “Head Games”

Okay, so, once more we are back in Midnight, and even though it’s been more than a year since we last saw Our Heroes, it’s only been a couple of months for them. And it’s almost time for the grand opening of the Crystal Desert resort, a spiritual center run by Patience and Kai Lucero. Kai is some kind of a healer, at least that’s the story, and they’ve decided to settle in Midnight because it has such amazing vibes.

Not everyone is as enamored of Midnight however. Creek has applied to school in Austin, and if she gets in, she wants Manfred to go with her. It’s early in the morning, and Manfred has only just woken from one of the demon possession-you dreams he’s been having, but he manages to get it together and agree.

But Manfred has other concerns right now, such as why he’s dug seven graves out in the desert. And hey! Xylda‘s back! She’s looking good, loving the afterlife, which apparently involves a lot of rosé and canasta, but she knows that Manny is in trouble, so she came back to find out why he’s still feeling the effects of letting his body be used as a rental car by the dead. They chat with one of their many dead relatives, and Manny has ‘demon cancer.’ I’m pretty sure that isn’t in any Merck Manual, but I think we can figure it’s not good. The cure seems to be killing himself before he kills anyone else.

Oh, I’m going to take a break from this regularly scheduled recap to point out that there is a LOT of really hot sex going on. Fiji and Bobo are clearly making up for lost time, and as for Lem and Olivia? It seems that they have an intense psychic connection means that Lem knows exactly what Olivia wants, both in bed and out. Seriously, when Olivia comes in and Lem has a hot bath and a drink waiting for her? Easily as sexy as what he did for her next. Well, maybe not quite, but pretty darn close.

I was very happy to see Xylda back, and looking good! Free flowing rosé and canasta clearly agrees with her. They determine he’s not possessed but before they can get any further, Manny has to attend the grand opening of the report, where the gang meets Patience Lucero and watch Kai, her husband and a healer of some kind, help a wheelchair-bound man walk again. The Rev seems impressed, the others are more skeptical.

Bobo has bought the Cartoon Saloon, formally a hang out for Nazis and now a place where everybody knows your name. Joe is tending bar and Lem is a bouncer. Everyone seems happy, except for Manny, who is worried about his murderous urges, which are growing stronger and stronger, and Creek, who wants to leave Midnight and is becoming less and less sure she wants Manny to come with her.

And she’s right, as it seems Manny has some kind of demon cancer. I guarantee you that isn’t found in any Merck Manual, but it’s really bad. As is the cure, as prescribed by Manny’s dead uncle. Suicide. Kill yourself, before you kill someone else.

Meanwhile, back at the Cartoon Saloon, the creepy dude ejected by Lem is a demon, and he picks a fight with Joe by the dumpster. Classy. He has buddies, but Joe gets some help from sexy newcomer Walker. (Chuy, you may want to keep your eye on this one. Just sayin’.)

The murderous urges have taken over, and Manny is going after Creek. He’s in the car with Olivia, telling her he had a fight with Creek and she took off. But Olivia sees the black demon goop in his veins and knows something’s up. He knocks her out and tosses her in one of the graves he had dug while sleephiking. But thanks to the handy psychic link, Lem saves the day! Or night, actually. They get Manny back to Midnight and chain him to a chair. The Rev shows up with the Luceros, and Kai seems to heal Manny, if the massive fish of black gunk spewing from his mouth is any indication. He’s normal again, or what passes for normal in Midnight. Actually, it was a bit anticlimactic.

But unlike Manny, Creek can’t come back from this. Stick a fork in her, she’s done, and he finds her packing her suitcase. She’s not waiting to see if she gets into the program, she needs to leave Midnight. She doesn’t want to have anything more to do with Midnight and its supernatural citizens, and that includes Manny. Honestly, I kind of can’t blame her.

And it looks,like happily every after may also elude Bobo and Fiji. They’re ridiculously in love and have started to cohabitate, it seems, but as they start to kiss, the potted plants start to wither and die. Uh oh, that’s not a good sign.

Kai is in his office, and a painting on the wall moves and reveals a secret compartment, containing a kind of cage with a skull that definitely didn’t come from a human. Or, you know, any other member of the animal kingdom. He promises the skull that it will be avenged. Ooooooookaaaaaaay.

So, we’re off to a good start. Personally, I adore Nestor Carbonell, so that’s a big plus in my book. Whatever Kai’s healing powers are, he’s up to no good, obvs. I mean, he’s dressed in all white and manages to stay perfectly clean even after Manny turns into a Vesuvius of black, demonic gunk. If that’s not suspicious, I don’t know what is. So I’m looking forward to finding out.

Other things:

– Manny taping his phone to his chest to find out where he sleephiked to? Pretty clever, and it reminds me of how many storylines are made possible by cell phones. (See also: many episodes of ‘The X-Files.’

– How awesome was the big sign behind the bar at the Cartoon Saloon?

– Did you see Olivia lying on the table with the crystals on her chakras, or whatever? Dear God, she has a flat stomach!

“How do you know he’s not legit?”
“He’s wearing Lululemon.”

“Haunted hotels don’t exactly read well on Yelp.”

“I’m claustrophobic, you dick!”