Chicago Fire (S07E05) “a volatile mixture”

Hii there peeps,

Let’s dive straight into this episode.

The episode begins with Brett and Kidd, talking about Severide. Our lovebirds are having some issues.

Regarding Kidd’s highschool friend Tyler. Whom Severide is sure of, loves Kidd. 

Then we have the most annoying person in Firehouse 51. None other than Grissom.. He’s questioning Chief Boden’s work.

Sniffling for any mistake, that he can report to Fire commissioner Gorrish.     I can’t wait for the both of them, to just go away.

Meanwhile Molly’s is having customer problems. The bar isn’t as full, as usual.

There’s a call, a trailer fire to be precise. Casey rescues a women, they take her to Chicago med. The fire is extinguished, and they all return back to Firehouse 51.

Where Grissom starts sniffling again. Giving stupid orders, to which Herrman get’s annoyed by.

Later we get to see Herrman, Severide and Casey talking about Grissom. Kelly says it’s better to avoid any conflicts.

A reporter arrives at  the Firehouse. She asks Casey, to help her with her investigation.

She thinks that there were other trailer fires. Which might all be connected. Casey agrees to help her.

Grissom as usual overhears that. He orders him to no, pursue the investigation. When he leaves, Chief Boden tells Casey to do the right thing.

The latter then goes with the reporter, to the trailer park. They investigate the place, and find out a few things.

The victim that Casey saved earlier, passed away because of her injuries.

Chief Boden decides to put his big boy pants on. He went to see Fire commissioner Gorrish.

He kept waiting for him, for many hours. At the end of the day, Grissom left throught the back door.

Chief Boden returns to firehouse 51. Grissom tells Chief Boden, that he’s the boss.He keeps ordering Chief Boden around.

Severide went to see his dad. He asks him to help out Chief Boden. Severide’s father says that he will think about.

Kelly also said, that he sees Chief Boden as the father he never had. The look on his father’s face though. I geuss he was really brokenhearted.

Ambo 61 has a new call. A women has a living parasite in her face. The thing was moving, I was starting to get nausseous. While watching this part.

Meanwhile Casey’s testing out a theorie. Putting a trailer fridge, near a heater. A huge flame comes out of it.

Which shows that the reporter, Naomi was right about the trailer fires. 

Later on they’re both sitting at a restaurant. Naomi thanks Casey for his help. I think we’ll get to see more of these two in the next episodes.

Herrman and the others, are still trying to find out who the bad reviewer is. They find out who it is, and Herrman talks him into an agreement.

He will save the bad reviewers seat, if he takes down his reviews. To which the guy agrees. I love the way Herrman cares about Molly’s.

The last part of this episode was the best. Chief Boden talking to Grissom. Showing him who’s the boss at firehouse 51.

My favourite quote of this episode is absolutely “Bring it.” Chief Boden said this to Grissom. 

Let’s hope that our annoying guy, leaves forehouse 51 as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this review.

See you all in the next episode.

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