Interview with Michael Jonsson

Hey everybody I had the greatest privilege of interviewing a great actor and a great guy! It’s been an honor being able to learn more about his character that’s on the Van Helsing series! And for those that don’t recognize the name of the actor maybe you will recognize him from Arrow he’s  debuted on there as Kodak of The Longbow Hunters! Here’s my interview with Micheal Jonsson!

Q 1) Tell us about your character as Barry The Burier.

Barry The Burier is a very ‘what you see is what you get’ type of person, but there are also two sides to him. On one side, he appears to be the only innocence and naivety left in his apocalyptic world. His only goals are to be helpful and kind. On the other hand, he needs to deal with carnage and survival. That adds a little unexpected badass to his character. How would you react to a world like this?


Q 2) I guess we all would handle it in different ways. Speaking of reactions, when you were first cast in the Van Helsing series, what was your first thoughts?

I had such a sense of adrenaline – almost like jumping out of a plane. Barry is one of my favorite characters and I was so excited to play him. The fun that Barry gets to have! But it was scary too. It can be intimidating to work alongside such an awesome and proven cast. Not to mention the pressure of trying to do justice to the incredible writings of Neil Labute and his talented team of Jonathan Walker, Jackie May, Jeremy Smith and Matt Venables.


Q 3) Those writers named you Barry The Burier. He must’ve not had that many friends before the vampire apocalypse, do you know anything about his back story about what he used to be before the vampire apocalypse came to be in Van Helsing?

I have my own backstory, and there are a few little tidbits I get from the script. But for the most part, the writers want to keep it all a secret. They keep their cards close and give up only enough to give a layered performance. 

(Transitioning from Q3)

Q 4) What about the present story then? If you can share, will we be seeing Barry creating problems with any of our favorite characters like Scarlett or Vanessa or even Julius?

Barry is a helper, so all he wants to do is be there for others. Because of this, I don’t see him causing problems in the conventional sense. But he might create problems by being too helpful. But on a separate note, I would love to see a battle of gentle giants between Julius and Barry. Aleks Paunovic (Julius) is around the same size as me, plus he’s a blast to hang around with on set. Though he’d probably win – Julius is much smarter and used to be a boxer.


Q 5) In one word and only one word, how would you describe Van Helsing Season 3?

 Sanguineous – As in “The Burier beat that dude’s head in until it was sanguineous!”


Q 6) Tell us about your first experience on the set of Van Helsing.

There were some last-minute changes to the script, and I was given 16 hours’ notice before my first day. While I was able to move around some prior commitments, I ultimately hadn’t slept. I was quite flustered that day but Kelly Overton was so incredibly nice and welcoming that it calmed me right down. The second day though! That day we filmed Barry’s introductory scenes in the show—and man that was fun! When you see it, you’ll know what I mean. ‘Sanguineous’ pretty much sums it up.

Q 7) A lot of actors and actresses put a little bit of themselves into each character they play, are there any traits of yourself that you put into Barry The Burier?

Every day, my wife shows me the importance of kindness as a main driver in life, and I try to live up to that. That kindness fosters positive feelings in others, equality and a lack of ego. Barry is all heart, and he also sees the positive in everything. So while I try to inject my wife’s philosophy into Barry as much as I can, I realize that he already has a lot of great traits that others should bring into their own lives as well.


Q 8) How do you prepare for a role like that?

When are we the most creative and enthusiastic about life? When we are children. I like to prepare for my roles my tapping into my inner child, and letting him play.


Q 9) I know you’re a busy guy so this is the last question, If your character dies on the show, how would you want Barry The Burier’s death to be?

Maybe I do die…. If it was up to me, I would want it be in the most epic fight scene ever. It would have to be a one-versus-many situation where Barry is clearly outnumbered, but puts up an honorable fight. Maybe there are even a few moments where his foes think he’s dead… but he keeps getting up. I can see it now – that last shot with a dramatic impaling or something.