Legends of Tomorrow (S04E02) “Witch Hunt”

Okay guys we had another great episode and with our favorite DC Comics sorcerer, exorcist, master/petty dabbler of the dark arts and we are in love with his presence on the series! Lets get to this review!

So in this episode Constantine (Matt Ryan) joins the Legends on the new mythical mystery to the Salem Witch Trials! Where the kids sang very creepily and every woman in Salem and in other parts of the United States were trial’d for witch craft which wasn’t so great. The woman being accused in this episode was Jane Hawthorne (Laura Regan) who in real history doesn’t have any history to it but in the series it made for a good story to give some of our Legends a reason to fight against the witch trials which we will get to that in a little bit. But yes we all know the history of the Salem witch trials and how it was the most horrible piece of history for mostly women but also a little bit of men as well only because they are different. But not different in the way of conjuring Fairy Godmother’s!

Now Zari (Tala Ashe) literally has had the hardest time being a part of the time team and not going back to stop her brother from dying or from her mother getting hate crimed upon. But what she did in this episode I think we all can express how much we do hate the Salem witch trials but Zari did it in a way to try and inspire people but it didn’t work instead they feared her and her gifts why? Because she was different and people didn’t know how to react. Zari did however pass on a lesson to Prudence (Jordyn Olson) that just because people fear what they don’t understand doesn’t mean those people have to be driven to hate by that fear, but try to over come it and show them they can not get the better of them.

Our loveable Constantine did have quite a bit of a dilemma through this episode when the Fairy Godmother had hosted itself onto Prudence which made it very dangerous because if Constantine would’ve sent the Godmother to Hell earlier in the episode, he would’ve been looking at another Astra situation on his conscience and we all know that Constantine doesn’t need that! But thankfully Constantine had his way of patience and was able to give the Godmother an Ultimatum which didn’t work because she already knew about Constantine’s deal with Nargul and she is not going to double cross a strong demon. But we all love Constantine, and I can’t get enough of him, we all need more of him and now that he’s on that time ship I think we will be getting a whole lot more of him! But how long is he going to be able to run before Nargul catches up? We all know how running away from death worked out with Reverse Flash in season 2 of Legends!

I think though, the true hero of this episode really was Jane Hawthorne. Even when Zari tried making her escape she would not go because she knew running was the wrong way to go because it would make her look more guilty. She was willing to sacrifice herself for her daughter Prudence, that way her daughter could go and live a life full of wonders even if it meant for Jane to die. Because even though a lot of people saw her as a witch in that town they still felt bad for her, still felt that this could be wrong but because the reverend said it was for the will of God, the towns people believed it. But because of the strength of Zari and of Jane; Prudence was put on the right path!

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