Black Lightning (S02E04) “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak”

Okay guys we have another great episode that was given to us, and yes we had some sad moments and some moments that probably irritated all of us viewers but we will get to the details in a little bit for that! Lets get to this review!

So in this episode we had Tobias (Marvin Jones III) still in police custody and while he’s there everyone thinks that he’s going to be put on trial. That he will stay in prison for the rest of his life but that’s not the case. Due to the lawyers and the police department but mainly Henderson (Damon Gupton) not having enough evidence to keep Tobias behind bars he was released. Now if you think that is unfair, just wait there were a lot of unfair moments in this episode! But as for Tobias’s case, yes it’s unfair that he was let go and dismissed from charges for now that is. But, now that he is back on the streets we all know that he is going to be focusing his attention in getting rid of Jefferson/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) which has been his agenda since day one. Did he fail during season 1 sure, but you know somewhere down the line he’s going to mess up and Black Lightning will be there to catch the whole thing.

As for this episode, Anissa (Nefessa Williams) had an objective in this episode to help out the clinic from being attacked. The same clinic that she helped save with all that gang money; but Jefferson didn’t want Anissa to do this all alone, the two of them have a big fight and Anissa chooses to move in with Gambi (James Remar) for the time being. Which is probably about time, because we all know that Anissa is old enough to be able to live on her own! But one such as me may think that one of these days if Anissa and Grace (Chantal Thuy) do get together that they would be moving in with each other and being all lovey dovey with each other. But one can hope for that to happen at one of these times, right?

Eventually Anissa and Jefferson came to agreement and chose to go and save the clinic together! And it’s a good thing that they did go together because there were multiple bombs that came to the clinic and the two of them helped disarm the bombs which saved the clinic. But one has to think who would really want those clinics to be gone? Some might think that it was Tobias, orchestrating behind closed doors but that would be a conspiracy theory though!

Now as for Jefferson’s life, things are not getting easier, wither its with the school or with Jennifer (China McClain) because of her powers and how they are burning up all the laptops that she is getting not even in a month time period but all I can say is, the Pierce family better start saving up money to buy multiple laptops and probably soon books cause until Jennifer can get a hold on those powers, it’s going to burn up a lot of things. As for the school life, Jefferson is having a real problem with this new principal. Principal Lowry (P. J. Byrne) is literally the new hated character of all time for this season; why? Because, in this episode when there was a couple of kids that were about to be in a fight but where stopped by Jefferson and told them another great quote to help them reside their differences. But that didn’t matter with Lowry, instead he expelled the kid that was about to begin the fight and suspended the other. Now being expelled that is serious because not only are you going to be banned from the school you were attending but you are having that on your record and then your own parents have to figure out what school will take you in after that and for Lowry to go with that route first is a real douche move, especially for that kid, but we all know that the parents will see it as a racial thing! I mean the things that Lowry is already doing I’m kinda glad that Jefferson made that little threat. I’m serious guys this Lowry guy needs to go, he needs to be fired or something but he needs to go because he’s just stirring up way too much stuff and I hate that guys guts. I’m serious when I said earlier that Lowry is going to be the new hated character and it’s true, everything that he is doing is just wrong. Is it a school’s principal way sure at least one way but it doesn’t have to be that way, he forces it to be that way! Now they better not eventually try making us feel sorry for Lowry through some sob story or something, because it wont work for me.

And due to the voting happening next week, the show has been thrown to returning in two weeks because they want you to vote! After all it’s important that we all vote!

Next Episode: Black Lightning (S02E05) “The Book of Blood: Chapter One” airs Tuesday November 13, 2018 at 9/8c on The CW