Chicken Girls (S03E08) “Little Shop of Horrors”

Our Chicken Girls are back after a 2 week break. No doubt the World Series, had a little sum’n to do with this. It’s been known to consume all things!  Rant over. <smiles>

 It’s Halloween at  Ace’s pad. Although he’s made promises not to do anything, while his parents are away; well we see how that’s working out!

In the meantime, our girls still appear to be “De flocked”  They’re still not together as birds of a feather or however their theme song goes. They’re all over the place and the relationships remain strained.

 It’s obvious High School, is having some real strange, yet wonderful, in some cases, impact on the freshman. And choices still remain everything!  

At Ace’s, it’s a night of Murphy’s Law, in full swing. Cause “if anything can go wrong, it did at the worst possible moment”

The newly tatted Birdie, blows off Rooney.  She attends the pawtey with badass Spike. They come Goth, I think.  Heavy make up, yet nicely applied.

Rooney threatens to tell Birdie is the tagger, if she doesn’t confess by Thursday. Birdie dares her. She’s mean and coulda been a “B” She has the initial already! 

Ellie’Brooke, as a cat, decides she’s crushin’ on Robbie.  But she finds him in a corner kissing on another girl. Ouch! 

And Rhyme, thinking that almost Drake kiss in eppy 7, was the start of sum’n big; invites him to go with her to the pawtey. He shuts her down.  Are you kidding me?! She obviously misunderstood. He says, he was acting,  uh? A bigger, “OUCH!”  So she sadly goes alone.

Rhy is Holly Go’Lightly of  “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”  Its a nice job. She looks as good as Audrey Hepburn. A sad Audrey Hepburn.

Then there’s Kayla & Flash, cute as “Salt and Pepper”shakers. But he’s found strength. encouraged by Ace, to blow her off. He’s too busy for her.  Yet she pulls him away, from a deep conversation he was having with some other girl!  Another “Ouch”?

The more I think about it, this could have been a bad Valentine’s Day episode!  Yet,”trick or treat” will do. <lol>  Never the less, it was 12 minutes well spent. ‘Gonna watch it again.

Chicken Girls airs on Youtube’s Brat channel, Tuesday’s @ 3p/Pacific, 6p/Eastern