Legacies (S01E01) “This Is the Part Where You Run”

Legacies is a little Vampire Diaries and a little Originals with a new story all it’s own. So, if you didn’t see either TVD or The Originals, or you only watched one (like myself) you are just fine. The show takes place at Salvatore Boarding School (in Mystic Falls), which is a safe place for Supernatural kids to learn without the fear of being exposed. The Headmaster is Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis), who helps these kids deal with their darkest impulses. As stated by Alaric, they are predators when it comes down to it.

The first scene is of Rafael (Peyton ‘Alex’ Smith) who thinks that he is going to confess to the local priest. Turns out that throwing a 200 pound lawnmower 50 feet makes foster parents think that you are possessed. Alaric and Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) show up and save the day. They take Rafael and his foster brother Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) to Salvatore Boarding School because Rafael is actually a werewolf, not possessed. His curse was triggered when his girlfriend was killed in an accident… one where Rafael was driving.

Landon, well, we don’t know what he is yet. He is Supernatural because he can’t be compelled. M. G. (Quincy Fouse) tried, but no go. Landon leads everyone to believe that it worked and takes off after stealing a dagger, who’s supernatural origins are unknown. Landon does seem to make an impression on Hope because she lets him in a little, which she is not known to do. He even kisses her, which makes things much worse when they track down the bus he was on. See, said dagger burns everyone on that bus… except Landon. Now Hope is seriously pissed and you don’t want to piss off a girl who is the daughter of an Original vampire, an Alpha werewolf and granddaughter of a powerful witch. She is the only one of her kind.

The Saltzman twins (paternal obvs) are the daughters of the Headmaster. They couldn’t be more different. Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) puts her foot in her mouth big time with Rafael and takes it out on the poor kitchen. She is outspoken and tends to have fits of rage. Josie (Kaylee Bryant) is the quiet one who seems to care too much. She is still reeling from a recent breakup with her ex girlfriend. Her ex makes a move on her friend M. G. , who happens to be a vampire and Josie walks in as M. G. is about to take a little sip from her “Evil temptress” of an ex. Josie does get a little revenge by setting Penelope’s (Lulu Antariksa) arm on fire.

These kids have most of the same problems as other teenagers, they are just much more dangerous. I think the  premiere episode was a great start to a very promising series.

Legacies airs Thursday nights on the CW at 8pm Central