The Flash (S05E4) “News Flash”

Okay guys and gals we had another great episode tonight and boy was it good! We have a lot that happened and want to discuss so lets get to this review!

Okay so in this episode we had another meta case but it was different than all the others, why because the it wasn’t the person who had the meta powers but a device on that person. You heard that right people, apparently there are now both meta-humans and meta-tech; which one thinks that the world will become a whole new world. Lets hope that the meta-tech lands in the right hands and not the wrong like how it has in this season so far.

So this weeks villain is a person who was inspired by Iris (Candice Patton) to leave the media industry and roll on your own with their own blog. Spencer Young (Kiana Madeira) used to be a reporter for the New 52 news crew but chose to quit and do reporting on her own with her own blog just a while after Iris started doing so to warn people about Davoe. Spencer was in the way of one of the pieces of the satellite that was falling during last year and her cell phone got in the way of the blast which exposed it to the dark matter infused with the satellite pieces. Now you all know that I will go into the comic book lore of the weekly villains and I plan on doing so with Spencer right now! Spencer Young doesn’t have a comic book iteration, her character is actually based on the villain known as Spin; Spin was a comic villain of The Flash who used to be a reporter for a family owned television reporting company but was fired and turned technology devices against people which is why the character got the name Spin. Spin was a villain that was not only able to turn technology devices against people but was able to use some kind of hypnotizing power through the devices to force people to do what he wanted. And yes I said he, because most villains back in those days were guys and not women for the comics. Now that you know about Spin, you see why they used Spencer to become that villain for the episode!

In the episode we also see that Iris is so desperately trying to connect with Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) but everything that she does in this episode seems to never work; it’s not until Nora opens up about the power dapiner chip that things start to become clear in what Iris does in the future. Now is it unfair towards Nora that she wasn’t able to find out about her powers until she got that chip out of her and discovered them? Yes it’s unfair but if you think about it, it is reasonable because Nora didn’t find out about her powers from her mother, but from a friend. The only reason why Iris did what she did is because she lost her husband Barry (Grant Gustin) to having these speed powers and Iris didn’t want to lose her only child due to the same result, which is why she did the chip without permission. But with everything bottled up and then having been whammy’ed for the first time by a villain of the past, it really makes things hard for Nora and the rest of the family.

We also had a little investigation with Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) and Sherloque (Tom Cavanagh) and they came up with a solution on where Cicada (Chris Klein) works or possibly works at. But not only that, it all came around to the investigating in why Cicada breathes the way he does; which makes you wonder why didn’t Cisco (Carlos Valdes) or anyone else in the future figure out why Cicada breaths the way he does. But thanks to Sherloque and Ralph they were able to figure that out. Cicada has a problem with his lungs when he breaths thats why he breaths the way he does. Not only that but we also saw that Cicada has some kind of new development happening with himself and it’s not good, because now he’s super strong, but it also explains how his dagger is able to return to him so well because it’s a form of meta-tech. What else will happen with Cicada? You have to admit that is the true question!

But in the next episode we will be meeting the villain known as Rag Doll whose being played by America’s Got Talent contestant Troy James so next episode will be awesome!

Next Episode: The Flash(S05E05) “All Doll’d Up” airs Tuesday November 13, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW