Interview with Miranda Edwards

Hey everyone, I had the privilege of interviewing an amazing actress about her recent role in a series we all know and love, that series is Arrow. Miranda Edwards for those of you who don’t know Miranda Edwards, she’s played roles in popular television series such as Supernatural, The Good Doctor, Ghost Wars, The Magicians, and of course Arrow. She plays the comic character known as Silencer in the popular series and we are here to talk to her about her time playing the character! Here’s my interview with Miranda Edwards!

Hi Miranda, first off I would like to thank you for this granting this interview about your role on Arrow!
My pleasure!

Q 1) How did you feel when you heard you were cast in Arrow?
I was visiting with friends and took the call in another room. There may or may not have been a delighted scream when I heard…I was very excited.

Q 2) You play Silencer, what can you tell us about her and how she’s established in the Arrow universe?
There is definitely some mystery around her.  We know that she has a special ability to create a cone of silence to do her dirt and remain stealthy. That’s apparent the first time she appears. We also know that she’s strooooong. It takes a lot to take her down. If that’s even possible. And she’s a skilled assassin who is confident in her abilities from the top.

Q 3) What inspired you to audition for Silencer?
Music is often my inspiration in approaching character so soca music was playing the moment before I went in. I didn’t know yet that she was Silencer but I knew she was a      badass and that she was confident with a dry sense of humour. I liked that and soca always brings me to place of feeling totally relaxed in my body. Essential for exploring my bad side.

Q 4) The world of comics is huge, but not every character has a major backstory, did you create a story for Silencer?

I was lucky.  There is a whole Silencer series, now 10 in.  So I had a lot of material to draw from.  I love being able to dive into a backstory when given the opportunity. And whatever wasn’t present in that story or didn’t make sense within the Arrowverse I filled in for myself.
Q 5) Did you need to undergo any specific training to prepare for the role?
No, no I just dove right in there.  Anything I need  to know or rehearse is there when I need it.
Q 6) Some actors and actresses they add a little bit of themselves into the characters that they play, are there any character traits that you added from yourself into the character?
Definitely. If I don’t express anger or frustration about something it builds quietly.  Silencer has the same anger and frustration but exterminates the problem immediately. She just acts on her impulses without hesitation or regret. This character lets me explore the more those hidden areas of my personality.  It’s pretty freeing.

Q 7) With this being the seventh season of Arrow and you being a new character added to the long roster of characters that are always coming and going in the series, did you feel any pressure about being on set?

No, I was welcomed right away. All of the cast who’ve been on since the beginning were like, “welcome, let’s play!”.

If I were to look at it like a revolving door of characters, I could see how that would be intimidating.  But I saw it as there’s only one me playing one this role so I can just bring what I’ve got and have fun.  And, I think this show lends itself to a freedom of exploration.  It’s pretty easy to let the kid in me have full reign and the adult gets out of her way. She knows what she’s doing.

Q 8) If you can share, what can we expect from Silencer and The Longbow Hunters this season?
Well, I can say that they make their mark anywhere they set foot. Whether together or separately, they don’t play games. Each of their skills really get showcased and individually, they don’t play games, so when they get together, watch out!

Q 9) If you could appear in any other superhero series, which series would you want to make an appearance on or return to?
Well, if I had to put down my Silencer belt for a bit I’d love to be in the cast of Marvel’s The Defenders.

Q 10) I’ve asked about feeling pressure about being on set of the series, what about off set? Was there ever a time either on set or off set that created a funny experience that you can share?
Actually, when it came time to shoot the first action sequence, I got to set and kept thinking there’d be an epic fight rehearsal for me to learn the whole sequence. I was pretty nervous, I’ve done fights before but this was a biggie. I met my stunt double, Maya and she showed me a video of what the sequence would look like. I was sweatin’ buckets thinking, “Ok. let’s get to work then!”

She was like, “Don’t worry, I got you.”

When I saw her in action it was pretty awesome. Of course the show has an great stunt team and she was on point!

I watched her perform some pretty phenomenal stuff and it was like I was watching myself do things didn’t know I had the ability to do.  Pretty surreal.

Q 11) I know that you are a very busy lady so this will be the last question, if you could choose one cast member from Arrow to just go on a night of the town with who would it be and why?
Well, when Michael and Holly and I work together, we always have a blast. It’d be fun to hang out when we’re not killing people. I think there’s a karaoke nite ahead with our names on it.