The Gifted (S02E05) “afterMath”

Aftermath is an extremely apt title for this week’s episode. It was a relief to see Lauren was only minorly injured; physically anyway.  I’m certain that the effects from the siblings confrontation will continue to ripple through out the season, especially when they inevitably clash again. There’s still too many variables to know how that could play out, but I have a feeling it will be Andy who softens. We got to see that softer side peek out with Rebecca, even though he did get a bit showy. He is still a kid however, so I guess I can cut him some slack.

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Rebecca taking in the view of her new home/ Source: Recap Guide

It’s starting to feel like the season is picking back up with the blossoming of Rebecca, and with Jace really stepping forward to lead the Purifiers. Both storylines are sure to yield destructive consequences for The Underground, and one has to wonder if our protagonists will ever catch a break. Reeva and Lorna may be powerful, but Jace has a persistence unlike any other. Had he walked away from the situation it would have been understandable. He’s been through hell twice over, and yet he still rises from the aftermath to fight for what he believes in. It’s a shame he never became actual allies with The Underground, he could have helped them significantly. Even though his cause is one I do not agree with, I have to respect his tenacity. I don’t think I could continue the way he has.

  • Lastly, it was very nice seeing more of the Morlocks. In the comics, the humble sewer dwellers produce one of my favourite storylines, and it breaks my heart that it’s never gotten a screen adaptation. It goes like this; the Morlocks capture the X-Men. Knowing they have a strict code they follow, Storm challenges their leader for the team’s freedom. She wins and in the aftermath subsequently becomes the new leader of the Morlocks. The Gifted would actually be the perfect medium to do that, but it would require Storm make an appearance. My thinking is that they could possibly swap her for Blink. This wouldn’t really be a bad thing, and it would certainly lend more tension to many protagonist relationships. It would be a smart play for the show to make.