Will & Grace (S10E05) “Grace’s Secret”

Will & Grace has been known to be aware and unapologetic when it comes to social situations affecting the world today. They have held this standard through their lengthy stay on television, and continue to make that connection with the audience. There are laughs but there are also a lot of tears as they navigate through the rocky and sometimes chaotic terrain. Spoilers ahead.

willandgraces10e05 1024x683 - Will & Grace (S10E05) “Grace's Secret”
The truth can only stay buried for so long. Real talk with Grace and her father. (Photo: NBC)

Grace (Debra Messing) and her father (Robert Klein) have never had a close relationship, there has been an untold strain between them. In this episode she gets rare one on one time with him, trying to maintain a level of real talk, her father gets much more than he bargained for. A hard truth and a deep secret finally come out. Martin’s best friend sexually assaulted Grace.

The gravity of the situation hits hard, causing a devastating blow to her father, there is a sense of peace from Grace. She has been quietly dealing with the aftermath since she was 15 years old. Her mother being the only other living soul she has ever told, that is a lot to take in, but it fits with the current movement going on. Rising above the fear, allowing others to step out from the shadows and tell their story.

willandgraces10e052 1024x683 - Will & Grace (S10E05) “Grace's Secret”
The Best Man Spectacle. (Photo: NBC)
friendship and weddings and traditions. oh my!

Meanwhile, adding the comedy aspect back into the show is the missing trio, who are vying for top spot in Jack’s (Sean Hayes) life. When Will (Eric McCormack) and Karen (Meagan Mullally) claim to be Jack’s closest and dearest friend, they must do a “Lip Sync Monologue” in true Will & Grace fashion. It’s a spectacle to behold, but no matter what they do, Karen and Will are on the same level.

With special guest, Miss Coco Peru, it brings another level of flair to the situation. Instead of fighting for the right to be Jack’s best man, it’s time for a change. This is a time of celebration because no one thought Jack would ever get to this point in his life. Instead, he decides not to choose between them, but to choose both of them. It’s going to be one over the top wedding, and I can’t wait to see it.

A weight has been lifted from Grace, it was exactly what she needed in order to reconnect with her father. A visit with her mom seals the deal, which adds another heartbreaking element to the story. Coming home to her friends and being welcomed back into the fold with open arms, without questions, solidifies her place in the world. This is where they are all meant to be in this moment.

It will be interesting to see where the story evolves from here.

A new episode of Will & Grace airs on Thursday, November 8th on NBC at 9/8c.