Mayans M. C. (S01E09) “Serpiente/Chikchan”

The penultimate episode delivers some  heartbreak, a promising future of peace and long awaited retribution. Potter (Ray McKinnon) is still using underhanded tactics to get what he wants, causing big problems for the Reyes family and some long lost medical records find their way into the light.

Reyes Family dividend (thanks to Potter) 

A dead body in the truck of the car they were driving is not the only  problem the Reyes boys face after a visit (in a holding cell) from Potter. Angel (Clayton Cardenas) now knows about EZ’s (JD Pardo) with the DEA and is completely blindsided. After being released because of a “deal” made with Potter, Angel pulls the car over and proceeds to beat the crap out of EZ. In the process he finds out that Papa Reyes (Edward James Olmos) knew about the DEA deal the whole time. A drunk Angel and broken and goes to see Felipe, making it clear that he feels like the least loved son. That heartbreaking conversation was very hard to watch. I wasn’t sure what Angel was going to do because  betrayal, especially family betrayal is devastating. I was surprised that he told EZ to leave town after they took care of the mystery task for Potter, foolishly hoping that he would forgive his brother with some time.



The Big Meeting 

The MC, Miguel (Danny Pino), Emily (Sarah Bolger), and Adelita (Carla Baratta) all meet at the San Buho Casino to talk about Miguel being detained. Adelita was a surprise guest to everyone (other than Miguel and Emily).. including the viewers. Miguel spills the beans   about the deal he signed with Potter and his new partnership with the rebels. Emily and Adelita finally meeting face to face was something I was looking forward to! Emily is smart, very smart and does not go after her, the look on her face was enough. Things go very well and the future looks bright for all concerned. After the room is cleared, Emily confronts EZ with her knowledge of his deal and warns him not to make her choose.

Devante and the Priest 

Devante (Tony Plana) didn’t count on old medical records finding their way into Miguel’s hands. His lie about Miguel’s brother being taken in order to control Miguel’s actions with the rebels is exposed. He must now face the music for that and his past sins against Adelita’s (Luisa) family, being that he was the one who killed them all those years ago. Fittingly, Devante meets his end at the hands of the only surviving family member from that brutal night, Luisa. The traitor Priest (Daniel Faraldo) gets a surprise of his own. Thinking he has turned over Adelita to Galindo and his troubles are over. His computer is filled with disturbing child videos and he is hung, making it looks like suicide.

Bye Bye Jimenez? 

The final minutes of the episode reveal what Potter wants as payment for EZ to be “free and clear” of everything. He wants the Reyes boys to take out Jimenez. I am not sure if they will be able to do it, out and out murder.  Hopefully the finale episode next week will tell us why Potter wants Jimenez dead. Get ready, I have a feeling the finale will be a roller coaster of emotions!!

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesday nights on FX at 9pm Central