S.W.A.T. (S02E06) “Never Again”


4-man Military-trained Team:

PH94 300x137 - S.W.A.T. (S02E06) "Never Again"
Hondo, Jessica and Deacon realize that this team is military trained

A 4-man team took down a diamond storage facility – with shaped C4 charges, body armour, automatic weapons and cellular jammers. This proves to Hondo (Shemar Moore), Jessica (Stephanie Sigman) and Deacon (Jay Harrington) that they’re military trained. S.W.A.T. has now taken over from Robbery & Homicide, who suspects they the value of stolen diamonds are at $11 million. Hondo got Tech to help him out and got cellular monitors. They plan to use this to monitor cell signals at all diamond storage facilities in the area to determine their next target.

Once a cellular monitor goes off the team rolls out to their next target. S.W.A.T. meets the diamond thieves outside the facility and gets into a gunfight. Both sides start trading gunfire but the S.W.A.T. starts to see it not going in their favour. The body armour on the lone gunman makes her somewhat impenetrable. Hondo decides to skip a bullet off a drain top in front of the one diamond thief and the thief goes down. When they take off the mask, they all freeze. A young, white, foreign woman – she’s no more than 22 years old. This hits Hondo hard. Hondo starts to take this one harder than usual, being torn between how he was raised and what he must do. Deacon talks to Hondo and reassures him about this. Deacon tells Hondo that there was no other was, Hondo took down a killer.

After a deep dive into this diamond thief, they start to uncover a pattern. Adina Bagulov, the killed diamond thief, 22, in LA on a student visa yet until a few weeks ago just dropped off the grid. They soon uncover 3 other women who served with her team in Israeli’s Defence Force but until a few weeks ago they all dropped off the grid at different moments. The diamond companies being stolen from are linked to Farbrick, the head of LA Israeli Mafia, and also Cohen. Aviv Cohen is Farbrick’s top enforcer and an old friend to Jessica. These 4 girls are all from a small town in Israel, a stone throw from the Palestinian border. Also, each of them had at least one of their parents murdered trying to smuggle diamonds for the Segol Foundation. The Segol Foundation, a Jewish relief foundation, also where there is suspicion to have ties to Farbrick. These diamond thieves seem to be on a vengeful mission.

Thieves revenge:

Jessica meets with Aviv and asks him to stand down, and makes a promise to return him the diamonds if he stands down. He agrees. Jessica also plants a tracker on him when he denies the Segol Foundation’s link to Farbrick. The team makes a connection with one of the thieves, Danica and move in on her. They get into a gunfight and Hondo and Danica end up 1-on-1, yet Danica was unarmed. Danica goes for her gun and Hondo shoots out the glass shes on to take her in and to not put her down.

Deacon and Hondo talk to her and appeal to her. They understand what she and the team are doing, they understand the revenge and they want to help. Danica fed them false intel because Jessica lets them know about Aviv and 3 guys moving in on a different location. Jessica gets Aviv to stand down and leave while Hondo arrives. S.W.A.T. and the 2 remaining diamond thieves trade gunfire before they somewhat barricade themselves in the vault. Luca (Kenny Johnson) uses the Sonic Gun, a somewhat portable LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), to distort the thieves ears and get them to stand down.

Jessica confronts Aviv. She told him how she would’ve been here with the diamonds, but he broke his promise. She also dropped a file on his desk. A file containing information that would tie everything together. From the Segol Foundation, to the diamond facilities and then to Farbrick and the Israeli Mafia.

On a side note:

tKQHE 300x200 - S.W.A.T. (S02E06) "Never Again"
Street and Luca aren’t seeing eye to eye

Luca brought Street (Alex Russel) the Sonic Gun to fix, but unknown to Street, was that Luca drove over it. Street and Luca get into an argument about S.W.A.T. Luca believes Street doesn’t deserve to be back on S.W.A.T. but Street tells him that he had a family to help with all of this, and Street only learned about family when he left S.W.A.T. but he’s trying.



Screen Shot 2018 10 31 at 12.48.18 PM 1014x570 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E06) "Never Again"
Debbie Allen guest stars as Hondo’s mama.

Hondo has him mama (Debbie Allen) over for a home-cooked meal. He spoke to his mom about how he tries to be the man she raised him to be, but also the S.W.A.T. leader he has to be. But his mom said the only way he can please her, is with some grandkids. They both laugh and go and eat together.



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