Supernatural (S14E04) “Mint Condition”

“Dude, seriously! Why?! Why do you hate Halloween?”

I just want to fist off say that I’m I happy there going back to the classics! Well really just going for a normal hunt & not a God-like hunt for once! Its I like a breath of fresh air seeing it all play through. (I hope you guys like the fact that I add my favorite lines from the episode into the review. Just something new I decided to add on, the line above is what Dean asks Sam in the car.) Now on to the review; last week’s review I was a bit of a lost of what to type cause it was somewhatly an off episode but it was okay.

My main thoughts of what might occur in this episode: a lot of comedic things happen just mainly from Dean, of course it’ll be Halloween themed, & we’ll all actually enjoy the episode.

My overall thoughts after the Episode:  Y’all Dean is such a bum and nerd at the same time, that I love it! I thought we were going to see him knocked out sleep with books around him doing research on Archangels. But no, he’s wide awake watching a marathon of his favorite horror movies while eating pizza. I laughed so hard seeing this scene because I can relate so hard! But I could relate more when Sam pointed out that he was basically being antisocial to the others in the bunker & just staying in his room. An sadly the only way to get Dean out is a good case, a Thundercats figurine attacking people case. Of course he jumped out of the bed.

In this case we have a employee named Stuart who has a high love for all things related to comics, games, and figurines. Which we find out that his co-workers see him as a great friend but he has a tendency to steal things from the store. Which the previous owner didn’t like at all, that’s why he was fired but rehired by his friend who now owns the shop. The boys did speak to the employees inside (Dean needed out) but no clue there and had to go to Stuart’s mom’s house.

Which of course they soon find out that mom loves her son regardless if he has a job or not. But Stuart has an awhile attitude! I would’ve skipped out on the case but sadly the guy got attacked again! By a flying chainsaw! Literally! So yes folks, we’re dealing with a Ghost. I feel like it’s forever since they’ve hunted one, that’s why I say it’s a normal hunt but refreshing. It’s like a case to get you back into the ball game.

Now as things escalate with Stuart being in the hospital. Dean has to play guardian while Sam tries to figure out who the ghost is. Which I’m glad he has good luck of finding out from the female owner. But a little too late though cause the Hatchet mannequin get possessed & locks them in the store. Makes matters worse Sam can’t pick the lock note break the window! The old owner was serious about not wanting people to steal.

Back at the hospital Dean has to protect Stuart and his best friend; Dean bonded with Stuart’s best friend before getting the news that the previous owner was after Stuart. Dean was in full on Horror Fanatic mode when talking about his favorite scenes and movies. I was just glad to see him smiling again.

So smiles didn’t last long when Hatchet man showed up and started chasing Stuart’s best friend through the hospital. Which basically mirrored the movie the police were watching in there office as the hunt unfolded on the cameras. No one heard his screams & no one seemed to be in the hospital. Run boy! Run!

“I had a pretty messed up childhood.”

Back at the store Sam had a last resort an that was to make a lunch box bomb. Which did the trick of getting him and the female owner out to head to the hospital. When they arrived Dean had already started a fight with Hatchet man. I mean he was winning til the ghost got a upper hand on him. But once Sammy torched the key-chain the ghost screamed and burned away (awesome effects if I might add). So now Stuart was safe, I just hope he doesn’t steal anything again.

On the ride home Dean thanks Sam so getting him out and he knows he can’t stay cooped up forever. Even if he still feels a bad for what Michael did in his body, he’ll always be there for Sam. We also finally got to learn why Sam doesn’t like Halloween. An to be honest, it is a little funny.

My thoughts on next week’s preview: Another classic hunt, yasssssssss! Vampires! I’m here for it. 🙂


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