The Good Place (S03E06) “Chapter 33: A Fractured Inheritance”

This week’s episode of The Good Place was another marvelous piece.

When Eleanor meets with her mother; she realizes that she’s not the same person that she grown up. She’s a family woman with a husband and a step-daughter. Trying to convince Michael that she’s just scamming them. Eleanor accepts that she’s really changed. She tells Michael why she couldn’t have that kind of mother growing up. But she finally sees the truth part of her mother when she finds her cash in the laundry detergent box.  She advises her to do something with that money like putting it to her step-daughter’s college fund.

Meanwhile, Tahani tries to make amends with her sister, who’s hosting an art gallery and handing out breakfast to the visitors. After many attempts, Tahani and Chidi get arrested from the police. But Tahani realizes from her sister’s paintings were of their parents making them compete when they were kids. Tahani walks to her sister and gives her a hug and the two are sisters once again.

As Eleanor and Michael head off to the airport to meet with Chidi, Tahani and Janet, she talks to Michael about her relationships. That got Michael to tell her that moment in the reboot of her and Chidi loving one another.

“A Fractured Inheritance”  was truly one of my favorite episodes of the season. The character developments of Eleanor and Tahani was not only good; but it brought out some emotional moments and growth to the characters. Especially for Eleanor going through the acceptance process that her mother as a good person. I thought it was Kristen Bell’s best performances of the series so far. Even Jameela Jamil gives a nice performance too in this episode.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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