Bull (S03E07) “A Girl Without Feelings”

Tonight it’s Bull, Mental Health and the law.  It is a case of “Not Guilty by reason of insanity” or is it? 

Tally North (Quinn Shepherd) is dropping $100 bottles of liquer at a party.  She’s arguing with her brother, Torin. ( Robert Thackery)  Later, she awakens in bed, covered in blood. Her brother, Torin is on the bedroom floor,  dead. She calls 911, crying. She then sits and has a chip.  No more tears.

It’s been 12 years, but Bull visits Tally in her orange. Now 26 years old,  she’s a former patient  He’s  feeling like he abandoned her, when he closed shop and opened TAC.  But she’s not angry with him.

Actually  I cannot tell, what she’s feeling. She’s showing no remorse, no feeling She claims she doesn’t remember anything after arguing with her brother and awakening in blood.  She blacked out.

She’s scary.  Anti social disorder. A sociopath. Self contained with self generating emotions. Bull goes for insanity. 

 Across town, Cable awakens in bed with Gabriel. ( E.J Bonilla)   She’s near rude and ready to run before daylight, after a wonderful night of coitus. He throws her his door keys.  Sweet and a pleasant diversion

Back at TAC, we find Torin was killed with scissors. They were wiped clean.  A shirt was used in an attempt to stop the bleedng. If she was in a fugue state (blackout) She would not have wiped the scissors,  nor try to stop the bleeding.  She’s ASPD; Anti Social  Personality Disorder and void of emotions 

Bull is excited. She’s a socio path. She didn’t do it! What?!  And we have another “who dun it?! ” It doesn’t matter, who did; she didnt!  He changes her plea.

Blake Lambert, (Alan Aisenberg )Torin & Tally’s best friend, is the Defense’s 1st witness  He tanked. I’m thinking on purpose. 

Back at TAC, Dani and not Cable-Taylor, look for an uninvited party guest and drug dealer (with a red baseball cap) as a person of interest.   Chunk thinks she did it.  

Tally draws pictures, trying to fill in the blanks. They’re very graphic and detailed; now Bull is unsure.  But he goes for it.  All or nothing. Tally testifies; trusting the power of reasonable doubt.

I love the simple of this season, with the subtle twist and turns. I love a good “who dun it” and a “never saw it coming”   Bull has been exceptional this season. Yes, simple and easy to follow; very well done.

Bull airs, Monday’s at 10p/Pacific on CBS, On Demand and the CBS app