Fresh Off The Boat (S05E04) “Driver’s Eddie”

As Eddie is taking Driver’s Ed, he wants to rush things to get going. But will Louis help him?

As Eddie starts Driver’s Ed, he asked Jessica and Louis to teach him to drive. But Jessica’s plan was to let the teacher teach him, but when Louis takes Eddie out and gets confused about causing an accident by a stereotype cop; it gets Louis to teach him.

After given Eddie the proper driver’s test, Louis doesn’t think he’s quite ready yet. But Eddie jumps to Marvin to learn how to drive until; he gets into an accident from one of Eddie’s friends. Eddie gets Louis to admit that this is about stereotyping, but after a good talk with Marvin about teaching children to drive; Louis gives the keys to Louis to go see the new movie everyone’s been talking about: Rush Hour.

Meanwhile, Evan wants to know why Emery and Grandma don’t want him to hang around. Emery tells him that’s because he’s a “stick in the mud” because of his critic approach to everything. But after coming to terms, he sits with Emery and listens to Grandma’s stories that’s has a golden singing owl; while chewing on taffy to keep their mouth busy.

“Driver’s Eddie” was a good episode that had some humorist moments. As much as I enjoyed the bonding between Eddie and Louis on driving, I was enjoying more of the Emery, Evan and Grandma story in this episode. Just watching Even worried why his brother and grandmother won’t involve him in their spending time together. Also mentioning Rush Hour in this episode was good and made the ending quite hilarious on talking about the film. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.