Midnight, Texas (S02E02) “The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy’

So, the title of this week’s episode is ‘The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy’ and that is pretty much the theme.

The episode opens with a guy with an arm thing being healed by Kai, and then being drowned in his bathtub. Manny sees the ghost and learns that the wife of the couple who owned the hotel several decades ago drowned in her bathtub. In that exact room.

Olivia is line dancing at the Cartoon Saloon and gets hassled by a couple of drunk morons. Much to her annoyance, Lem arrives to save her from them. (Being harassed by drunks AND being saved by an overprotective husband? Well, I can’t get too mad at Lem, so let’s call that one and a half strikes for the patriarchy.). Still, Olivia is Olivia, and doesn’t appreciate being protected.

Manny goes to exorcise the room, and learns that it isn’t the woman Carolyn who killed the guest, but her husband, Bruce, who is also a ghost, and a very jealous one at that. It seems that instead of a man who, devastated by his wife’s death, sold the hotel and moved away, he murdered her and killed himself. So Manny allows both ghosts to occupy his body, which really sounds like the worst devil’s triangle ever, and learns that the couple’s bodies are somewhere in the hotel. It seems he bricked them up in a coal room, then killed himself. Wow, another one and a half strikes for the patriarchy. At least. Plus several zillion.

Lem, meanwhile, is paying for his ‘protecting the little woman’ transgression in spades. A stripper, stuck with a dead end job and a dead end relationship, drugged him and made him turn her. And she’s out for revenge, after she turns a couple of her stripper friends and they head out to teach the people who dissed them a lesson. Lem and Olivia track her back to the strip club in the nick of too late, and find that Dawnette turned fellow strippers Cashmere and Sweetness and are heading for the resort, where Dawnette had tried and failed to get a non-stripper job. Because…patriarchy.

Oh, wait, I forgot the Fiji/Bobo storyline. Bobo has a couple of near misses and between that and the mysteriously dead plants, Fiji is convinced that something supernatural is at work. Okay, I think we’re up to date in that department.

Manfred found the bones walled up in the basement and he and Fiji are working on a spell to destroy them and release the spirits. That’s going pretty well, but the invading vampires are a whole host of other problems. Cashmere and Sweetness get taken out, but then we learn something very interesting about Kai. He can, it seems, make supernaturals human again, something none of them thought possible.

A protection potion that Fiji concocted seems to be working, until they’re kissing and a knife flies through the air toward Bobo. Yeah, no nooky until Fiji has figured out what the dealio is.

Guided by a hint from Carolyn, Manny goes into the room with the weird painting. He figures out how to slide it back, to reveal the creepy skull in the cage. When it touches it, a jolt of energy sends him flying.

Other things:
– I’m pretty sure I’d never sit my naked butt down in a hotel bathtub. Anyone with me?

– Why on earth didn’t someone try CPR on the drowned guy?

– Whatever you do Manny, please do NOT hook up with Patience. Ugh!

“We all have our quirks. Isn’t that what Midnight is all about?”

“You’re perfect. You anticipate my every need. Only a total bitch would be angry. But you know what? I’m a total bitch.
“I’m aware.”

“There are secrets behind the woods.”