Chicken Girls (S03E09) “Wicked”

This webisode, “Wicked” was just that, in the language of urban rhetoric, that is. Well I hope that’s what they were attempting to accomplish. Cause it was “wicked, sick and right on!” 

There’s a lot of movement, this time, and attempt to begin the tie up of loose ends.  It’s still the best clip in town at a little over 17 minutes!  

There was a little bit of everything. The sweetness of Luna and Ty is a grabber.  I hope we see the beginning of sum’n sweet, nice and innocent in what could be their first real love.  I almost forget what a mean girl Luna was in middle school…almost.  

Athlete Ty, is reluctant to do anything religious; but he seems drawn to Luna. So I’m thinking he’s willing to try God anyway.  Her daddy’s a Pastor and he likes to sing, so “Grin & Bear it!”  

Rhyme is still getting mixed signals from Rodeo Drake. The  ol’soul and lil’sister, Harmony, gives words of wisdom, “Let him Be” Adorable.  

Rooney sets up her lil’sister, Quinn on a blind date with…Hamilton! Generous. Maybe Stephanie is in her future.  

No Queen “B’s this week, yet Ellie’Brooke is crushing on Robbie.  Even though she saw him kissing a sister “B” at the Halloween party, last week. Does he know?  Does he reciprocate? 

And speaking of Robbie, he’s exonerated. The Principal has the pic of Birdie & Spike tagging. She’s suspended, he’s expelled!  

It was a fast 17 minutes, with meaningful dialog and interactions; moving the stories right along.  ‘Love it when that happens.

Chicken Girls new episodes,  airs on Youtube and the Brat channel, Tuesday’s at 3p/Pacific, 6p/Eastern Here you’ll also find, “in the beginning” as well as a full length movie! It’s recommended viewing, to catch up.