Chicago Fire “All the Proof” (S07E06)

Hii peeps,

I’m late with this review. But as the saying goes.. “Better late, than never”.


Let’s start our review with, the most annoying Firehouse 51 member.

Gorrish is arrogant, and full of revenge. He just wants to get his revenge on Chief Boden.

This guy is really something else. He’s trying to boss his way, into Firehouse 51.

I just don’t get why, he’s being such an annoying guy. Benny Severide, is the one who saved  firehouse 51 from the hands of this monster.

He confronted Fire Comissoner Grissom, and others. He brought up some old stuff, this made Grissom backup.

He told Gorrish to come back, to work at his side. Gorrish tells Chief Boden, that he will be back.

I’m glad, this annoying guy is gone. No offence to the actor, you’re great.

Let’s talk about the call’s in this episode:

“Chemical Suicide”

There’s a call in a hotel. A possible gas leak. Alot of the residents, where dizzy, and nauseous.

The possible gas leak, was actualy a couple who commited suicide together. They filled up a bath with chemicals.

Which is what killed them, and others. A hispanic mum tries to tell Herrman, that her son is lost.

Cruz is the one who talks to her. They find the little boy, behind an automate.

He’s unconscious, and get’s intubated. He is then taken to Chicago Med.


Ambo 61 got a new call. They drove to a street, and Brett saw a prop with blood beneath it.

She knows it’s not real. This is the reason why she hates Halloween. A neighbour calls them, saying she’s the one who called them.

This call is about a child, eating her dad’s secret stach of edibles. The girl was having a seizure.

I always ask myself, how could parents use drugs or keep drugs near kids. This is something I wll never understand.

Let’s talk about, everything in a nutshell.

Cruz is trying to teach everyone Spanish. They’re not interested, and Kidd helps him out. He then shows them a ‘Telenovela’ Hispanic tv shows.

I love telenovela’s, they’re something else. Everyone at firehouse 51, get’s hooked by this telenovela.

They start learing Spanish, without realizing it.  Severide asked his father, for one favor.

They were going to meet, at restaurant. Where Benny would tell Severide, if he can help firehouse 51 to get rid of Grissom.

Benny never came, which made Kelly think that he just didn’t care. Kelly later finds out, that his father passed away. He had a stroke.

There’s a new chaplin, sine the old one retired. I liked that old men, he was very kind.

The new chaplin, is still young and a friend of Foster. He and Brett have a moment. Foster wants them to be together. 

I think the new guy, Kyle is a great guy. After his pep talk, at Chicago med. Where firehouse 51 was, they were there to support Severide.

Kyle ‘The new chaplin’, told everyone to support Severide and show him some love. Meanwhile Severide is at the hospital chapel.

Chief Boden tells him that Benny’s the one, who saved firehouse 51. Severide is devastated, and sad.

This episode was funny and heartbreaking. Losing Benny will effect Kelly, in so many ways.


I hope you enjoyed this review.

See y’all in next week’s episode.

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