S.W.A.T. (S02E07) – “Inheritance”


Patty Hurst Re-enactment

PjXs 300x155 - S.W.A.T. (S02E07) - "Inheritance"
Loren Tucker kidnapped to relive the Patty Hurst saga

Loren Tucker, daughter of Richard Tucker, one of the richest men on earth. After a ploy to say they knocked his car, the kidnappers got in the flat and kidnapped both Loren and her boyfriend, Dillon. With both Richard, Mayor Barrett and Captain (Stephanie Sigman) Cortez and Commander Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) on site, the kidnappers streamed a video with demands: $50 million to charity and $5 million in bitcoin to an account. Luca soon realizes that this is almost verbatim from the SLA in the 70s with Patty Hurst. On a side note, with Devlin being promoted to  Metro S.W.A.T., Hondo (Shemar Moore) gave Street (Alex Russell) the chance to be on S.W.A.T. for the day.


SLA in 2019

x240 bum 300x157 - S.W.A.T. (S02E07) - "Inheritance"
Luca quickly realizes that this could be the SLA or copycats

Luca’s father comes in with his grandfather’s notes regarding the SLA kidnapping Patty Hurst in the 70s. Going against Metro S.W.A.T., Richard decides to pay the money. The kidnapper’s sent a text to Patty’s phone and Chris and Tan (David Lim) find mannequins and folder. Within the folder: Lauren’s cut-up ID, a flash drive and instructions.  During this, Deacon (Jay Harrington) and Street roll up to a bank robbery, a plan set up to use Lauren in the robbery. Very similar to the SLA using Patty Hurst in a bank robbery. After information from Luca’s grandfather’s files, Chris (Lina Esco) and Street roll up to a shutdown movie theatre used by the SLA. Inside they found bomb-making materials and Dillon, Lauren’s boyfriend. This copycat group is highly efficient and very similar to the SLA from the 70s.

From the bomb-making materials, Deacon drew the conclusion to a failed bomb-attempt on a cop car. The team quickly rolled up and prevented any casualties, even though the bomb went off. Using all these attacks, Luca (Kenny Johnson) pieced them together and found the location on where they would be hiding out.

Soon after showing up on site, shots are fired from within the house. Moments before returning fire, Luca stops everyone. Luca realises all the shots fired are 6 inches apart in a perfectly horizontal line, it was automated gunfire. Street volunteered to go in, Chris accompanied him. Inside, they found Lauren taped up to a chair. The kidnappers were hoping for the cops to return fire, in turn, killing Lauren at the hands of the police, whilst streamed live on Tucker personal wall.

After a successful day, Commander Kicks used this to ease up on the budget cuts and used this to have Street back on Metro S.W.A.T. on a probationary period. Their joy soon faded, as the kidnappers live streamed a warning, that they will be back in society’s occurrences don’t change.

Arizona State trip

On a trip to Arizona to help out with the police force there, Honda and Nia are pulled over by State Trooper Reid. Reid pulled them over for an aggressive lane change, but Nia and Hondo knew what this really was. Once realising he was Metro S.W.A.T. and she was an Assistant DA, he let them go. During his time in Arizona and helping out the officers there using his knowledge from his career, at the end of it he got to meet with Reid again. But, of course, Reid denied it was racial profiling and just an aggressive lane change in a rental vehicle – which he believes is what drug dealers do in Arizona. Back at the hotel, where see a break in Hondo’s armour. Throwing a lamp into the wall and breaking both the wall painting and the lamp. Nia realises what he’s going through and suggests they both go home.

This scene was both an emotional and insightful moment. It showed everyone watching that no matter your title, people will always see your skin colour first and also showed us how it feels to be pulled over, how easily racial profiling occurs. Something we see and hear about every day in the country.


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