Superstore (S04E06) “Maternity Leave”

As Amy returns to Cloud 9, Jonah and Garrett interview for a new employee. Here’s a recap of last night’s episode of Superstore.

Just two days after Amy gave birth, she’s home and trying to put the baby down for a nap. But when Glenn calls it’s not just to see how she’s doing. Apparently, she doesn’t have any maternity leave days because of her absence. Back at work, Amy was not a happy camper as she deals with a lot of crap; from Glenn trying to cheer her up to dealing with Mateo and Cheyenne’s thoughts on her baby boy’s name. But she bonded with Sayid as he prays and she pumps.

Meanwhile, Garrett and Jonah help Glenn interview and hire a new employee. Dealing with some crazy candidates, they finally picked one that seemed to be funny, Penny (played by Eden Sher). But after a few hours with Penny, Garrett and Jonah aren’t having too much fun with her as she grows to be annoying with her impressions and funny bits. Soon another candidate, Lonnie, comes by late to hand in his resume and after a few minutes with him, they decide to let go of Penny and hire Lonnie.   After seeing Lonnie working, he asked to take a bathroom break and goes right in the middle of the store.

“Maternity Leave” was an outstanding episode. It’s another strong written and performed from this ensemble cast. But America Ferrera gives her best performance when Amy sticks it to Glenn about how she’s been feeling after having a baby and dealing to come back to work. Also, Eden Sher steals the episode as goofy and awkward Penny. I kind of wish she would stay to work at Cloud 9, but she wouldn’t get a whole lot of work done.  Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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