Chicago Fire “What Will Define You” (S07E07)

Hii Peeps.

I’m back with a new review. I changed the way, I write reviews. I hope it’s alot better.

Let’s talk about, Severide.

Severide’s coping with the loss of his father. In his own way, through organizing Benny’s funeral.

He’s packing all his stuff, and organizing them. It’s his way of coping, with the loss of his father.

There’s a medal lost, which belonged to Benny. He wanted it, to be buried with him.

Kidd and Severide will both search for it. Stella’s good for Kelly, she’s the ying to his yang.

She’s always there to support him no matter what.

Let’s talk about the ‘Scavenger Hunt’

Stella asks firehouse 51 to  help her, in the search for Benny’s medal. Since she and Severide didn’t find it.

They start the Scavenger hunt, for Benny’s medal. Which results in them, having to meet all his exes.

They started with ex number 4, she’s something that gurl. I laughed so hard, when she was hitting on Casey.

Then they went to meet Ex number 3. Benny has two stepsons, Beth is their mother. She’s heartbroken because he left her, and her sons for a ex number 4.

Beth clearly likes Kelly, because he has always been kind to her.  After awhile, they meet Katie’s mum.

She only has a medal, but not the one they want. Katie visits them, at the firehouse. She hands Stella, Benny’s medal.

Which she got years ago, when she and Benny connected again. Stella then gives the medal to Severide, at Benny’s funeral.

Let’s talk about all the other stuff.

‘First call’

The first call, is about a child stuck in a car. The girl and her sister, had an accident. The sister hit a pedestrian.

Brett is the one that finds something suspicious. The little girl was holding a phone in her hand. She tells Brett, that she can’t give anyone her sister’s phone.

Brett’s suspicion was right. The girl was texting and driving, which resulted in the accident.

She then later discusses thi matte with Foster. Afterwards she talks to Chapel, tells her to trust her heart.

Which Sylvie does, she confronts the girl. Telling her to say the truth, the girl agrees.

‘Second call’

This call was a funny and weird one. Two neighbours were fighting over, who’s leaves were on the others property.

It ended up with them fighting. Well one threw a rake, the other threw it back. Which ended up in the guy’s chest.

‘The funeral’

Severide went with Boden, to ask for a full scale funeral. The CFD can’t do that, since Benny didn’t die in the line of duty.

Which resulted into Severide giving up. Chief Boden didn’t though, he spoke to other Batallion chiefs.

He asked them to show some support. Since Benny was a great firefighter.

At the funeral Brett talks to Kyle. He tells her that she can always come an talk. It doesn’t have to be an emergency.

When they’re taking Benny’s casket out of the church. Several firetrucks arrive, and with it alot of firefighters.

They all salute Benny, one last greeting for an amazing firefighter. Benny will be missed on the show.


That concludes this week’s episode. I hope you enjoyed this review.

See y’all in next week’s episode

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