MacGyver (S03E07) “Scavengers + Hard Drive + Dragonfly”

This season of MacGyver has been filled with intense ups and downs, but no matter what happens, they always end up landing on their feet in the end. When a senator comes to Matty (Meredith Eaton) with some impertinent information about his impending blackmail. It comes out that something deeply personal to Matty is in the wrong hands, the team must table their curiosity and band together to bring “Dragonfly” back home. Spoilers Ahead.

The team is back together again, well at least four out of the five. It’s been a long road, and they are anything but rusty. It doesn’t take long for the covert operation to bring out the best in their abilities. The dynamics are so diverse, but they seem to work in such a cohesive manner, it just works. Just like every other mission, this one is anything but a walk in the park.

macgyvers03e074 - MacGyver (S03E07) “Scavengers + Hard Drive + Dragonfly”
It’s a whole other world, and Abina is merely a pawn in a bigger game. (Photo: Screenshot)

Ghana is a whole other world, especially the one they buy their way into. When the elusive blackmailer, Abina (Joy Sunday), takes out the ransom, they are brought into the underground world of “scavenging”. It’s how the younger generation makes a living, literally going through garbage to find items worth something. It’s a network of teenagers, children, just trying to find a place in the world. They are not alone though, ruled over a ruthless and greedy man. Joseph (Jimmy Akingbola) has the power, and they are allowed to live.

The team comes close to their goal, only for it to be taken out of their hands. As we have learned, there is no task too big for them to handle, even if it comes with a time crunch. That’s how the world of MacGyver works though, without those intense moments it wouldn’t be the show the fans know and love. Abina joins forces with the team, proving to be quite the asset.

macgyvers03e071 - MacGyver (S03E07) “Scavengers + Hard Drive + Dragonfly”
The tyrant, Joseph. (Photo: IMDB)
MacGyver + Chaos = Piece of Cake

With a fortress looming before them, they must infiltrate the defenses and retrieve the precious hard drive, before the captives know the value of the information they hold. It’s just not blackmailing a particularly skeezy senator, there is so much more at stake. We are left wondering for most of the episode, and so is the team. The temptation is there to dive into the secret files, but respecting Matty and her boundaries prove to be more important to them.

They are able to retrieve the precious cargo, but not without a gun-toting, old-fashioned shootout. Complete with a car chase. MacGyver (Lucas Till) is able to cook up some magic with the ingenious use of an old microwave. the pun is definitely intended. It’s not enough to deter their pursuers though, who ends up going after the innocent to get their way. If only they knew who they were messing with beforehand, it would’ve saved them from a world of hurt and utter embarrassment.

With the promise of giving Abina a life of freedom back in the United States, Matty pulls her strings and gets things done. She is one hell of a boss and an impeccable human being. She may have her secrets, but she is good at getting things done. In a time of crisis, she is the person you want in your corner. To have such a strong woman at the helm makes all the difference in this show.

macgyvers03e07 1024x748 - MacGyver (S03E07) “Scavengers + Hard Drive + Dragonfly”
Riley kicks it up a notch and tells it how it is. (Photo: Google)
Friendship is stronger than secrets

Although Abina doesn’t end up taking them up on their offer, it doesn’t stop them from lending a helping hand, to help rebuild and give the teens some sort of structure. Now that the intrusive element was out of the picture, they are free to build and grow on their own. With a little help from The Phoenix Foundation and a not for profit organization. It was a good ending to another thrilling episode.

What was Dragonfly? Why was it so important to Matty? The life of her husband was hanging in the balance, but now back in safe realms, his mission and his life will remain intact. For now.

The writers bring us these amazing stories each and every week, playing with our emotions and cementing the fans investment in the characters and their plights. This season keeps getting bigger and better, and next week a big bag comes out of the shadows. What will that mean for our team? We will soon find out.


A new episode of MacGyver airs on Friday, November 16th on CBS at 8/7c.