Supernatural (S14E05) “Nightmare Logic”

“So what are we talking here? Like some weirdo shut-ins like the Addams Family?”

This episode really did surprise me cause I was guessing what they were hunting. And when it was all revealed in the end I was like, “Dang we haven’t seen them in awhile! Does that mean all the old baddies are coming back. I hope so, I’m ready for it!” I mean I’m not excited for another MAJOR WAR or anything but happy that there getting back into the flow of things. Well, sort of cause now Sam is leading Hunters, it’s like he has his own little school of Hunters to train. But the thing is you can tell it’s really stressing him out like never before. It’s truly like the lives of these people will be on him if they die. That thought is pretty messed up to have but I think Sam thought it when Maggie didn’t check in.

Sam has this check-in system that I guess he put together when Dean was pretty much in Angel made. And the hunters also having body cameras to upload their footage to the server. Yes, you guys these hunters are getting extra tech-savvy these days. I don’t hate it, I actually think it’s quite convenient,  As long as no authorities hack their system & take the footage them all is good. In the video, Maggie said she’s guessing it’s a ghoul but after watching closely the boys are like it’s a vampire.

Now here’s the big problem with that, it’s neither, the case got more confusing. When the boys arrived there to check things out of course they were stopped & brought to the friendly nurse. Who sadly had to explain that the owner was in a hospital bed after a stroke. But here’s the fun part, we get to meet the moody daughter who doesn’t want to deal with them. So, of course, she throws them out. Yes, Bobby & Mamma Winchester beat them there but they got kicked out too.

This moment is also another stressful moment for Sam yet again. Bobby pretty much points fingers with his words that Sam’s leadership is shit. Cause sending someone out that isn’t ready was a dumb idea, it’s all on him. This calls for a split up & timeout session! Thank you Mamma Winchester for that. They needed it & I feel like she needed it a well for they were able to talk things out. Her & Sam. Yet she did open up a bit more to same of how she feels about Bobby & her concerns about him. She’s truly worried about him. Whereas for Dean & Bobby wasn’t much heart to heart just Bobby asking if he went too far.

“I should ask the same question.

What the hell happened to you?!”

Dean had to let him know that he’s doing his best. His best to the point that it’s actually draining the life out of him. No advancement in talking cause a cabin came into view for them, where Dean got jumped by a vampire that died weirdly. Bobby left cause he saw another person. Think that’s all, no, it’s not. Sam & Mamma Winchester found burnt ID’s an the daughter of the house got attacked by a vamp. I’m with Dean on this one, who lets their dinner slip away like that?!

Mamma Winchester went after Bobby who got attacked in the woods by a burnt out eyes Daniel (who’s his son) & Sam found Maggie being used as a blood bag. Now the final piece to this puzzle was Dean realizing that the blood bags the Owner f the house wasn’t giving him blood but taking it. Dean’s been in that situation before you guys, he’s dealing with a JIN!

I just want to say my feeling towards the Jin in the past were mixed but I know I would never want to come across one. It’s also revealed that the Jin thought Dean was Other Micheal an that this was a test to him. Cause he set a Hunter trap, the more you kill your closer the reward. The reward of an upgrade from Other Micheal, which isn’t a good thing. No blad dipped in lamb’s blood but Dean did bash his head in & Bobby saved Mary’s life from Burnt eyes Daniel. So it’s a win, win.

But, am I the only one that’s curious to what the Jin saw in Dean’s head of what his fear was?! What did the Jin see that scared the crap out of him?! I want to know! I guess it’s a surprise for later then; Bobby told Mary more on Daniel when she was patching him up & Dean told Sam that he was doing good. But the boy needs sleep! In the end, Mary & Bobby went off to take a break & Dean & Sam spread the word about what Other Micheal was up to. They even mentioned Garth! I miss him.


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