The Goldbergs (S06E07) “Bohemian Rap City”

607 - The Goldbergs (S06E07) "Bohemian Rap City"

I’ve been absent with my reviews for two weeks because of an amazing trip I took to the UK. I did however watch the episodes and I even had the privilege to be on The Goldnerds podcast while visiting my friend Ashley (who runs the best Wendi McLendon-Covey fan page out there @wendifansite). You can hear some of my thoughts on last week’s episode “Fiddler” on the podcast, as well as a heated debate about Gerica vs. Blainey. You can find the podcast here:

I am also very proud to say that Ashley and I did a great imitation of Beverly (“I AM BLIND, I AM BLIND!!!”) while we were riding the roller coasters of Flamingo Land.

The Goldbergs (S06E07) “Bohemian Rap City”

Anyway, onto this week’s new episode. We finally get to see the return of The Dropouts! Thinking about their future, Erica, Erica and Lainey try to get into Star Search. After getting into an argument about what song to sing, Erica decides to go out on her own and gets John Calabasas (welcome back Rob Huebel) to be her manager. Even after all these years of Calabasas’ scams, Erica still trusts him with her career and her trust in him is answered when he books her a gig at the mall. Meanwhile, Lainey and Valley Erica try to continue the Dropouts on their own without Erica.

Both use one of the greatest hit songs of all time for their Star Search audition: Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. However, Erica’s gig at the mall goes terribly (it looked hilarious though) and introducing Big Tasty’s epic rap in the version of the song by the remaining Dropouts also doesn’t work. All three of them realize that they need each other to be able to make it, and they reunite. Together they make a great audition tape for Star Search to try and conquer the music world.

Elsewhere in the episode, the Goldberg Girls think it’s time for a ‘Yentavention’ for Adam and his obsession with toys. They think it’s weird he’s still playing with toys at his age. Bev defends her schmoopie at first, but later comes to the conclusion that they might be right. She enlists Murray to to teach their youngest son about Murray’s favorite ‘hobby’, stamps, or as Adam calls them: tiny lickable history squares.

Instead of enjoying Murray’s collection, Adam uses the stamps to try and win a 5 minute shopping spree at Toys“R”Us. Of course, even after entering the contest 600 times, Adam doesn’t win. Bev tries to bail him out, but Murray finds out that Adam got rid of all his stamps, just to be able to get more toys. Adam realizes he messed up after seeing his dad actually get sad over the stamps and makes up to him by taking him to the Stamp Expo.

Although the storyline between Adam and Murray was quite similar to last week’s, and both storylines got resolved a bit too fast in my opinion, there was quite a bit to enjoy in this episode.

We finally saw The Dropouts back, I’ve been waiting for that for a while now. And not only that, this was the return of Big Tasty as well. And with his return, we also get another one of Big Tasty’s great raps. Of course he thinks the title of the song is Bohemian Rap City, and “How can they make a song set in a Rap City and not have one single sick rhyme of fresh beat”. The lyrics to the rap are hilarious especially combined with the original lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody. I need the song to be on The Goldbergs Mixtape Vol. 2.

As also discussed on the podcast, we get to see a bit of a different side to Murray this season. He seems to be more involved in his kids’ lives, and also shows more emotions. In this episode we see that he is actually hurt and sad about Adam selling his stamps (seriously though, who wouldn’t be… Pretty dick move, Adam). I loved it that Murray also opened up a bit about his childhood and that we got a little more backstory about him.

So in conclusion, this may not have been the best episode of The Goldbergs, it still had enough scenes to be very enjoyable, as well as the usual great performances by the whole cast.

The Goldbergs will be back soon with a new episode. Unfortunately we do not have any information on this episode yet. The next episode will probably be on November 28th, 8/7c on ABC.