Van Helsing (S03E06) “Like Suicide”

Alright guys and gals, we had another great episode brought to us tonight and man was it a good one! We had some fantastic fight scenes, some sad as well tragic moments, and we definitely have lots of questions about what had happened in tonight’s episode but we will get to that, lets get to the review!

So in this episode we saw more of the community town of Denver and it definitely does have it’s secrets, we learned the shots that everyone is given daily at the town has some major and I mean major side effects. Why on earth they would keep this secret from the public is beyond clear, I mean we all saw what Jared (Aidan Kahn) tried doing to Jolene (Caroline Cave) which that kind of anger doesn’t just show up. Something tells me that, that shot needs to cling onto the anger that is developed wither its from being turned down for romantic reasons or if you are just getting annoyed by someone and then it forces you to commit murderous actions. Which if there’s literally that many side effects there’s no way that it should be given to the public. And one has to wonder, what if it was the drug that made Phil/Flesh (Vincent Gale) become so suicidal?

Like literally, why would Phil try so many times in committing suicide in literally under 24 hours; with this information that Jolene and Sarah/Doc (Rukiya Bernard) know now will they tell Julius (Aleks Paunovic) especially after what he had witnessed not once but twice for Phil to commit suicide? I mean you would think that they would, it’s not easy watching someone commit suicide, it’s really not. Poor Julius though, we all saw how much he was wanting to help Phil and how much he was trying so hard to bring Phil off the ledge of the building. I mean the first suicide which was the shot to the head, we saw Phil walk away from. But that building fall, if he does somehow walk away from that next episode then he definitely is immortal.

We also saw Vanessa (Kelly Overton) track down The B’ah (Jennifer Spence) and while she was working her vampire tracking magic a little curious man by the name of Barry the Burier (Michael Jonsson) became curious in how Vanessa does her thing. And even though Barry may not be the most quiet person in his sneaking skills, he does mean well, especially with his will to help Vanessa any way possible. Wither it’s giving blood or giving his strength in a fight, Barry just wants to help out anyway possible and that is just awesome. You have to admit that it’s awesome to have someone like Barry on your team to help you in a fight, but now we have to wonder with Barry coming to Denver will we get that wish and see Barry and Julius interact and maybe become best friends? Anything is possible in the world of the vampire apocalypse am I right?

Now those fight scenes that we saw with Vanessa against those shadow vampires and with Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) fighting against the B’ah it was all awesome fight scenes. We all loved seeing Vanessa in action, especially giving one of the final blows to the B’ah and with the help of Axel, that is another Elder that is taken down. With only two Elder’s left and with only 7 episodes left, we are most likely looking at possibly one of the biggest season finales to come to us so far! I mean just think about it, with the plan that Vanessa and Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) have both agreed to, which is to kill the Elder’s and awaken the Dark One themselves, something is going to go terribly wrong when it comes to executing the plan. But the only way we are going to find out is by watching the series and having it renewed by Syfy channel.

With Axel now leading Barry, Marybeth (Vanessa Walsh), Dre (Danny Wattley), with others to travel to Denver, will anyone warn them when they get there about the shots that they might get? Lets hope that Sarah and Jolene do get to them before they are given the shots. I would hate for Barry the Burier to get one of those shots and then go all mad max on everybody there. That would be horrible; I know I’m thinking of the worst thing possible but it’s all possible in this world. The world that we love that has been created by our loved Neil Labute!

Lets see what will happen next week, until then my readers!

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S03E07) “Hunted Down” airs Friday November 16, 2018 at 10/9c on Syfy