Fresh Off The Boat (S05E05) “Mo’ Chinese Mo’ Problems”

When Jessica and Louis learn that there’s another Chinese couple. But will they be friends with them for long? Here’s a recap.

As Evan is doing a census on the neighborhood, he gets a surprise of his life and rushes to tell Jessica and Louis about it.  Learning of another Chinese couple living in their neighborhood; they stalked them to figure out how to greet them in the best friendly way. After greeting them, they hang out and soon became the best of friends.

They bonded with them so well that Louis gets into football and Jessica changes her mind about brunch. She even calls her friend the Chinese Oprah as she calls herself her Chinese Gayle. She even gets parenting advice from her too.

But with all the enjoyments of them, they seem to find a loophole. Jessica learns that their son is a cab driver who still lives with them even if he did go to Harvard on a full scholarship in arts.  But Jessica wasn’t too pleased with her son and she leaves on different terms. Later they forgave when Jessica comes up with an idea of her friend’s son to fix the painting at the school and became BFFs again.

Louis, on the other hand, gets jealous when his friend becomes friends with Marvin. After talking about football the two started talking about sausages and even leading to making their own together. Louis confronts them about it and learns that Marvin was jealous of him thinking that he was going to leave him hanging. And they three become the BFFs too.

Evan gets played when his brothers try to use his census to hunt for a pool to use. But he gives them a lesson they would never forget; even have them do the walk of shame in a way too.

“Mo’ Chinese Mo” Problems” was a hilarious episode. Even with the hype of the news of the guest stars in this episode, it was still worth watching. Ming-Na Wen and Reggie Lee are amazing and I hope they would come back from time to time as they really click with one another. The writing was strong as was the character development too. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Fresh Off the Boat Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.