Young Sheldon (S02E08) “An 8 bit princess and A Flat Tyre Genius”


The writers of Young Sheldon keep writing catching stories that keeps us glued to the screen,  this episode isn’t any different.

Since the beginning of the series it was noticed that Sheldon (Iain Armitage) has a better relationship with Meemah (Annie Potts) than his siblings.

Rescue the princess

This episode opens with Meemah buying Sheldon a video game, although he was reluctant to play it at first but Meemah had a few tricks up her sleeves to make him come around.

With this episode I understand why Sheldon chooses the “soft Kitty rhyme” for comfort and why he often praised his Meemah in Big bang theory.

Screenshot 20181111 090856 300x169 - Young Sheldon (S02E08) "An 8 bit princess and A Flat Tyre Genius"
Well moonpie, this is it our last dungeon. (Photo credit: Screenshot)

A couple of days ago I watched season 11 episode 23 of big bang theory where older Sheldon (Jim Parsons) was trying to invite older Georgie ( Jerry O’Connell) for his wedding and it was made known that Georgie is a successful tyre dealer.

The tyre Genius.

Season 2 episode 8 of Young Sheldon revealed where Georgie (Montana Jordan) first found out he had a talent for fixing tyres “it was love at first sight”.

The love story

It started with His neighbor Herschel ( Billy Gardell) asking him to work part time as a mechanic at his shop which Georgie accepted but his decision to work at the garage had his father (Lance Barber) in his feelings because Georgie  preferred working at the garage to football. But seeing how much Georgie loved fixing tyres, his father let him follow his passion.

Screenshot 20181111 092127 300x169 - Young Sheldon (S02E08) "An 8 bit princess and A Flat Tyre Genius"
Tell me where it hurts (Photo credit: Screenshot)

There is barely any screentime for Missy( Raegan Revord ) in this episode, this just makes me feel sad that she is always being left on her own with no one fawning over her just as she mentioned in episode 5.

It’ll be amazing to see more of Missy cooper, in order to create a balance. Season 2 of Young Sheldon just keeps filling us up with a blend of love, anger and family bond.

You can’t afford to miss the next episode on CBS every Thursday.