Supergirl (S04E05) “Parasite Lost”

Okay guys and gals we got another great episode for you! So we had quite a lot of things that had happened and we will get into details about that, we saw partnerships strengthen in this episode so lets get to this review!

So in this episode we had Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) come face to face against the new host to the alien parasite; Ex-Agent Jensen (Anthony Konechny) became the new host and with that responsibility as the new host means to consume many alien souls. And of course when Kara came into contact with Jensen he consumed her powers which yeah that sucks but at least its not forever. Jensen also found to be a difficult host for the parasite because he kept complaining that he was in agony. I mean didn’t the DEO teach that guy anything? Aren’t they suppose to teach those guys and gals to be all tough as nails like the military practically? That’s what I always thought when it came to pain and other things for the DEO. But at least Ben/Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) did learn a valuable lesson in today’s episode, it’s hard to find really good reliable help now in these days.

Now this Colonel Haley (April Parker Jones) she does seem to be the kind of commander that will not always agree with what Director Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) does as action wise but I feel like eventually the two will not become eye to eye on everything and it will either lead to Alex no longer becoming the director or major consequences. But I guess it’s a way to keep the people watching the series to find out which one of these two ladies will become the Alpha of the DEO. Now in this episode the Colonel did see only about doing the mission and nothing more, like any soldier wants to do and she tried making Alex seeing it that way too but it didn’t happen and it infuriated the Colonel and it also opened the Colonel’s eyes about how Alex wants to do things for the DEO. Maybe Alex will eventually have the Colonel to see things differently too but I also don’t think that.

We also saw that Kara had problems of her own in this episode, she with the shadowing of her protege Nia (Nicole Maines) interviewed Amadei (Adam Levy) who is well known in the alien community and to see him through comments being bashed upon and then become a major victim to a crime. It reveals to Kara that even aliens such as herself have flaws, not everyone is perfect. And because of that both Kara and Jon Jonz (David Harewood) they both were able to use their detective skills to be able to solve the case. And with that they were able to take down Jensen but with consequences. Jensen will never be the same again especially with being in a cell, in a bed, brain dead. But it did bring Kara and Nia together and they are both able to bump ideas off of each other to be able to find out, would this work in a newpaper for the people written by the people. And I like that; I like the partnership that Nia and Kara are both starting to have with each other, it’s not just the teacher teaching the student, its the student teaching the teacher if that makes sense and I look forward to seeing Nia and Kara having this partnership go further in the season!

We also learned that aliens are coming to Jon more than the police about their problems because not everyone can rely on the police to do their job. Which makes one think, will Jon Jonz become a alien detective? I can’t really say dark knight cause that title is taken as we know, but it would be awesome to have Jon on the rest of the season as a sort of alien detective, and have those detective skills put into good uses. Like Jon could literally become the Sherlock Holmes of National City in the world of Supergirl. And I don’t know about you guys and gals but I like that idea, having Jon finding a useful place in the world to help his alien brothers and sisters in a certain way that is not harmful or hurting anyone.

Next Episode: Supergirl(S04E06) “Call to Action” airs Sunday November 18, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW