Chicken Girls (S03E10) “Catch Me If You Can”

With a title of “Catch me if you can” I immediately thought of “The Adventures of  Birdie and  Spike” He’s expelled and she’s suspended for tagging school property. 

Last week she declared she was going with him. Wherever.  So I’m  seeing them on the run…from their parents! “You and me against the world” 

As Spike and Birdie, come together; elsewhere,  it is a day of broken hearts and break ups, for couples and wanna be coupled.  

Kayla walks away from Flash, while he’s playing a game on his phone. She tells him the why, but he missed it.  As she walks away, he wonders what happened.  Pay attention! 

During rehearsal of “Rodeo & Juliet” Angie returns as Juliet. This puts Rhyme back as understudy and handmaid. And just as she and Drake almost kissed, too!  Although the kiss was in the script, Rhyme was hopeful.  Rodeo Drake claims he’s estatic for Angie’s return. I think he’s running from Rhyme.  “Catch Me If You Can!” 

Ellie’Brooke is fuming and extremely pissed at Robbie for hanging out with fellow “B” Brittany.  Although she’s not told him how she feels, she more than annoyed with him.  Madder than  a wet hen! Yet the real  question begs, “who is she really mad at?!”  Mirror-Mirror! 

Beatrice, the Queen of B’s , has endeared herself to Tim.  He calls her ” Mi’lady”  sweet. She’s calls him her conquest and collateral damage. She’s awaiting the perfect time, to kick him to the curb.  Mean Girl.

Luna blows off Ty. ‘Not sure why, yet methinks it sum’n to do with Football, Praise singing and God.  

Rooney checks in on Birdie. Birdie kicks her out, feeling betrayed.

Later, Rooney and Rhy check in again. They find her room junked and she’s gone.

 We see her,  jumping in the car with a waiting Spike. The Getaway

 It’s another great 10 minutes, well spent. It leaves us on the edge of our seat, waiting for the next. Which airs, Tuesdays, on Youtube, Brat channel at 3p/Pacific 6p/Eastern