Mayans M. C. (S01E10) “Cuervo/Tz’ikb’uul”

The season finale was phenomenal and some key players ended up in a different place than where they started. I continue to feel for Felipe the most, being caught between two very different sons and in true Sutter style, some characters find themselves in a happy place and some are changed forever.

Papa Reyes 

After a visit from EZ (JD Pardo) Felipe (Edward James Olmos) calls KJ (Maurice Compte) and asks him to meet. See, Felipe plans to kill Jimenez so that EZ doesn’t have to. Pop doesn’t want his son to be turned into a monster by the demands of Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon). Felipe is ready to pull the trigger until KJ starts talking about his love of family. Angel (Clayton Cardenas) comes by later looking for KJ’s location so that he can do the dirty deed and leave EZ out of it and Felipe is reluctant to give him the information.

Murder in the family 

EZ gets a call from Potter with Jimenez’s location and heads over to the house to find Angel walking to the door. The Reyes boys both want to spare the other and both end up with blood on their hands. Angel gets taken by surprise by KJ’s boss Bowen (Curtiss  Cook) so EZ shoots him to save his brother. EZ then aims his gun at KJ and watches as he is shot in the head by Angel. Potter shows up and tells the boys that they must dispose of the bodies and he wants proof. Potter is just so nonchalant about the whole situation, even taking a bite of the pie sitting on the table and commenting on the fact that it’s not homemade, never mind the fact  that there are two dead bodies on the floor.

Peace for the rebels 

I absolutely loved seeing Adelita (Carla Baratta) and the rebels safe and happy! They have a house and some hard won peace, for now anyway (this is Mayans MC after all). Angel stopped by to check on Adelita and the gang and it appears that he approves of their living arrangements. Adelita asks Angel if he wants to stay the night, but he is too upset about recent events ( namely killing his cousin) to stay.

Alvarez makes a life changing decision 

Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) tells Bishop (Michael Irby) to have a seat as everyone is leaving the table. We don’t hear the conversation, but get the gist when Alvarez takes off his kutte. I was very upset… until it was revealed that he will now be Miguel’s (Danny Pino) new advisor. I think this has infinite possibilities for Alvarez.

Potter keeps his word.. kind of 

EZ meets with Potter to show him proof of the disposal of the bodies. Potter then wipes EZ’s informant records clean. As EZ turns to leave, Potter then points out that there were two dead bodies, not one, which “complicates things”. I knew it wouldn’t be that easy (because he’s Potter) so of course EZ is still at the mercy of Lincoln Potter.

The past crashes with the present 

While having a conversation with Angel about his decision to stay, a SOA prospect interrupts and asks for a different kind of beer for his “sponsor”. With the look on EZ’s face, I knew something wasn’t right, but I never expected him to see his mother’s killer. It is revealed in a flashback that Happy (David Labrava) is in fact the person responsible for the death of Mrs. Reyes. I did not see that coming!

The finale episode was directed by Elgin James.

Season 2 will start in 2019!