This Is Us (S03E07) “Sometimes”

Last night’s episode of This Is Us was just another reason why this show is at it’s best.

“Sometimes” was another amazing episode; with such strong character development and moments that didn’t make the story too loud or soft. Whether it’s Jack trying to get his brother to come to his army base; but he doesn’t want to nor does his Sargent. Or Jack and Rebecca taking a trip to LA and having a good time. But when they had their own thing with Rebecca going to a record company and Jack talking to a former falling soldier’s family I think that they didn’t expect what they would be facing and that things happen sometimes for a reason.

One of the best scenes out of the episode was the moment when Jack asked Becca to sing her song and it was just priceless.

But the Kevin and Zoe story was probably the silent story stealer of the episode. When Kevin and Zoe head to Vietnam, Zoe tells Kevin not to tag her on social media because of her father being around and wants to reconnect with her. After Kevin sees that the necklace might have been bought at a shop; but really it had a long journey as we can see it. After Zoe gets sick (probably from eating a dish that had bat); she tells Kevin the real reason why she doesn’t want to meet with her dad; because he sexually abused her as a child. And soon the two really connected with their relationship.

I was amazed at this episode from start to finish like other episodes of the show. Watching Jack going through a lot of things from the war to traveling with Rebecca was an emotional ride with some much good fun too. But that moment when she sings to him made me cry even harder when Jack was trying not to cry. But Zoe’s story was really powerful and Melanie Liburd gives a strong and stunning performance.  Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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