MacGyver (S03E08) “Revenge + Catacombs + Le Fantome”

In the world of MacGyver, we have learned that the past has a way of catching up to each and every character. When an old foe resurfaces, MacGyver (Lucas Till) needs to set his emotions aside. With so much at stake, there is no room for errors. The episode starts out with a flashback, so you know it’s going to be good. Spoilers Ahead.

MacGyver is approached by a random woman at a military event, it brings an old enemy back to the forefront. The Ghost (Sean Cameron Michael) is back, and this woman seems to have some much-needed intel on the mastermind who continues to haunt MacGyver. While her credentials check out,  some of her story doesn’t, but Matty (Meredith Eaton) chooses to take a chance. It’s the best shot they’ve gotten in a long time.

macgyvers03e08 1024x683 - MacGyver (S03E08) “Revenge + Catacombs + Le Fantome”
Eileen pleading her cause to the team. (Photo: IMDB)
“I knew I would have my revenge someday”

The story of Eileen (Holland Roden) begins to unravel, she has a personal vendetta against “The Ghost”. As a child, he happened to kill her family in an unfortunate bombing mishap. Not being able to move on from her grief, it’s what has kept her obsessed and focused on finding the elusive mastermind all these years later. In that, she and MacGyver share common ground, especially after “The Ghost” stole the life of his fallen friend and comrade.

Charlie (Emerson Brooks) joins the case, not only to keep MacGyver grounded but to add another well-rounded individual to the team. Since Jack is MIA again, the help is not only needed but appreciated. As fans know, no mission can go off without a hitch. While on their way to retrieve “The Ghost”, someone else has beat them to the punch. Releasing him onto the world, but not without the team getting some helpful information from an “unwilling” party. Sometimes you need to use dirty tactics to get what you want.

Just when the team seems to be getting closer to the target, they end up moving two steps back. The Ghost is great at covering his tracks, but using some of the tricks up MacGyver’s sleeves, they are able to uncover where he may be heading to next. Onward to Paris, and hopefully the confrontation of a lifetime. Although another dead-end seems apparent, they quickly learn that they are closer than they ever have been before.

macgyvers03e082 - MacGyver (S03E08) “Revenge + Catacombs + Le Fantome”
The Ghost has surfaced, and he has a message for MacGyver. (Photo: Screenshot by the author of review)
A different type of Ghost story.

With the fear of hidden traps, they seem to be no match for the likes of MacGyver.  He is able to maneuver through the catacombs to find The Ghost’s workshop. The first real break also seems to be a deadly one. Not only has the obsession been shared with each other, But The Ghost is also one step ahead once again. With hasty actions, due to Eileen’s negligence, MacGyver finds himself at the mercy of the man himself.

The episode seemed to be teeming with twists and turns, and there seemed to be so much more to Eileen’s story that she wasn’t sharing. Just when it seemed to be the end for MacGyver, the truth comes out. It was Eileen who had escaped the bomb from years earlier, her mother had died, and her father was the cause of it all. The Ghost, or rather, Connor, was the cause of all her misery. In the blink of an eye, the masterminds life is ended. But not before a dire warning for MacGyver, somewhere out in the world is a bomb hidden, just waiting for MacGyver to find it.

How the mighty fall and the self-serving disappear when others lives are on the line. It’s a good thing the team is there to pull MacGyver back together again, otherwise, this episode would’ve had a very different ending. The chaos is getting harder to contain, and next time they may not be so lucky.

The Ghost is going to keep haunting MacGyver, death is not the end.

MacGyver returns Friday, November 30th on CBS at 8/7c.