The Gifted (S02E07) “no Mercy”

I couldn’t be happier with this week’s episode. We finally got to see the bank heist, a little bit about Reeva’s past, and how psychotic Rebbeca is. Plus we caught up with the Struckers, and the Underground’s plan to help him.

Let’s start out with the bank heist. The whole first chunk of the season has been The Inner Circle preparing, but we weren’t exactly sure what the game plan was. After seeing a bit of Reeva’s past we start to understand why she hates humans so much. It’s easy to identify with her pain, as most of us have felt as she did at some time or another. We also start to understand how incredibly intelligent she is. I’m so glad we have her as an antagonist this season, as she truly brings out different sides of characters she interacts with. My heart broke for her when she failed to stop Rebecca. It’s refreshing to know that she was going to leave everyone alive, as most villains will kill indescrimenetly. Poor Quinn, we hardly knew you.

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Speaking of Rebecca, what a little psycho. While her and Andy’s relationship is very cute, it doesn’t excuse her actions. There’s a reason she was locked up. To be fair some of her behaviours could have been caused by the intense torture she endured, but generally, people are born that way. We were given a lot of foreshadowing that she was going to do this, but it was still hard to watch. I can not fathom what those poor people felt as they were literally turned inside out. One can hope that this incident brings Reeva to either exile or kill Rebecca. I don’t generally wish death on any character, but Rebecca has proved she can’t be trusted. That is by far the most dangerous trait to have in an organization like The Inner Circle. With how things tend to play out in this show, I’m sure it will be Andy who is sent to deal with her. If this is the case then it can be guaranteed to change him, and that is not good. My hope is that he will go back to his family, but I don’t know if that will ever happen.