Van Helsing (S03E07) “Hunted Down”

Okay guys and gals we had another great episode brought to us tonight, and I think we can all agree that we have so many questions after seeing tonight’s episode which we will get more in depth about that, but first lets get to this review!

Alright, in this episode we saw what becomes of the survivors from San Francisco with their new leader Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) and things didn’t go so well. While Axel was away everyone, including Barry the burier (Michael Jonsson) let their guard down and sadly Kristina (Claire Smithies) was turned into a vampire because of the attack. But in an up side we got to see the team members who actually are bad asses kick some ass in slow motion which makes them look like even more bad asses; that includes you too Barry the burier! But because Kristina was turned into a vampire, she was able to regroup eventually with the other day lighters and tell Scarface (Teach Grant) about the community that the group she was with was heading to. Which is not good, looks like Denver is gonna be having some major bad things happen to their residences!

Now we saw a bit of a ritual be done with Scab (Rowland Pidlubny) in order to become a part of the sisterhood, or at least prove his loyalty to the other sisters. After all Ivory (Jennifer Cheon) is the only one who knows of Scab’s loyalty, but I gotta say Scab puts loyalty and devotion to a whole another level. I mean he got his wiener cut off or slaughtered in order to become one with the sisterhood. I don’t think there are many guy vampires that would go through something that horrifying just to show off devotion and loyalty but it sure did work for Scab. But you have to give it to Scab to go through all that pain and suffering just to be with Ivory and the sisters, but I guess Scab’s pleasuring days are pretty much over now if you know what I mean.

While on the road Axel did encounter another group of survivors whose leader was pretty determined to get to San Francisco just to get to a ship that is said to be going to Hawaii because no one in Hawaii is infected with the vampire plague. Which I find that hard to believe, I mean come on, I’m pretty sure Neil Labute would’ve created some vampire’s that can swim all the way to Hawaii and start infecting or at least have a vampire that knows how to sail with a pledged human crew to the vampires and then when it got to Hawaii the vampires would be unleashed upon the lands. I know a swimming vampire sounds ridiculous but you never know it could happen! After all series’s like this are brought to life by people’s imaginations, why not add a group of vampires known as swimmers to that imagination, they would be useful especially when it came to spreading the vampire apocalypse to the islands like Hawaii and Jamaica and other islands. It can’t just stop at just the United States, like it would’ve had to spread to the International countries some how, swimming vampire’s to me make sense.

Now I think we all can agree that what we saw Vampire Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) do to poor Vampire Felix (Bzhaun Rhoden) was pretty brutal because the Woman in Black aka Oracle (Jesse Stanley) wanted Sam to kill the one he loves, and he thought it was his chosen one to fulfill his legacy after him because he started to come to love Felix. But we all know that his true love has always been for Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) I mean everyone who has watched the series since the beginning of season 1 knows how much Sam truly and deeply cared for Mohammad and even helped him in times of the apocalypse. And now that Oracle saw Sam be devoted to killing the one he loves which Felix was just practice and Rest In Peace Felix, you were gone long before you should’ve been gone. But we also have to ask, is the Oracle appearing to Mohammad now as a hallucination of a girl he tried helping last season which it seems like Oracle is appearing to Mohammad as Cara (Emily Haine). And now that Oracle has put both Mohammad and Sam to fight to the death, who will win? I know some are hoping for Sam, but I’m hoping for Mohammad, just to see what Oracle does next. Like I think some of the questions we have after this episode is what’s next in Oracle’s plans for the winner? What is Oracle’s end game? Will they become one with the darkness and perhaps become a body guard to the final Elder? Or will there be another objective that Oracle has? Whatever it may be, it has us all very curious and wanting to watch more Van Helsing! I can’t wait for next weeks episode! And another note, we only have 6 episodes left now I think we are going to have a lot of crazy events happen in these next 6 episodes!

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S03E08) “Crooked Steps” airs Friday November 23, 2018 at 10/9c on Syfy!