Chicago Med (S04E08) “Playing By My Rules”

Will this be the end of #Manstead? Will Dr. Rhodes face the new rules for the hybrid OR? Here’s a recap of this week’s Chicago Med.

With Will facing pressure to stop treating Ray, instead of taking it out on them, he takes his anger against Natalie and their patients. Trying to get Will to let his patient go so they could override the consent for his daughter to donate her organs, he doesn’t want to do it. But when Goodwin and the board makes a decision to let the father go. Thinking that this could be the end of Manstead, as Will is up on the roof Natalie joins him and asked if he wants the ring back. Instead of saying yes, he tells her he wants to marry her and the two hug with emotion.

Rhodes gets word from Goodwin that the hybrid OR is going to be used for other surgeries. This doesn’t sit well with him and it builds more and more of a battle with Lanik. After taking the OR back, Rhodes performs a dangerous operation that really pissed Lanik but in the end, the patient came out okay. But when Goodwin heard of what happened with Rhodes, she tells him that she was the one that authorized it not Garrett. But threaten him if he ever did that again he would be fired. That did turn Ava on and got her and Rhodes kissed in the prep room.

Maggie and April butted heads because of their way of managing the ED. With Maggie being Rhodes’ top OR nurse, things have been quite smooth without her when April takes over. After confronting, the two made up.

Ethan and Charles take on a case of the week when a veteran comes in with Vicki. The patient comes with with a horrible head wound that’s caused by itching. She tells Ethan that she couldn’t stop itching and it gets worst and worst.   But when Neurosurgeon sees her, he thinks that she needs surgery. But Charles doesn’t think so and teaches Ethan of how the mind can play horrible tricks on you. After teaching the trick of playing with the mind, Ethan agrees that their patient doesn’t need surgery and gets her to do a test. After looking in the mirror and scratching the other side of her head, her itching was about gone. Will it help in the long term? We’ll have to wait and see.

“Playing By My Rules” was another amazing episode. There were many intense and emotional moments in this episode from Natalie and Will butting heads on their patients; to Rhodes going rouge against Lanik again and Goodwin on his ED OR. And the case of the week with Ethan and Charles was a strong story that kept the episode interesting as it went on. Here I was thinking it was a bug. And there were moments of WOW! from Rhodes and Ava kissing to Natalie and Will staying together. But it was Ethan who decides to ask Vicki out with April viewing it too. Ouch! Drama, right?

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch the fall finale of Chicago Med Wednesday, December 5th at 8/7c on NBC.