Midnight, Texas (S02E04) “I Put a Spell on You”

On the road late at night, a heavily pregnant woman leaves her truck and staggers into the church. The baby pops out of her stomach. Seriously, there’s a gaping hole where her stomach used to be. The baby is alive. Mom? Meh, not so much. Lem, who smells something and goes to investigate, find the baby and a note, to the Rev, saying the baby is named Mary. Oh, and she’s a weretiger.

Patience and Manfred are now some weird kind of team now. No, just no.

Lem is all paternal. It’s so sweet! Olivia is very anti-family at first, but that changes and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Lem says children can heal the past, but I get itchy whenever I see anything that smacks of ‘I know you said you don’t want children, but of course you want children! Every woman wants children!’ Blech!

The girl is growing with supernatural speed, and in a few minutes goes from about three to about 12. Olivia doesn’t have a lot of patience for a toddler, but she is a bit better with the older girl. Indeed, Mary seems to be growing on her.

Fiji slips Bobo a tea with a potion in it to make him forget her. Watching his face as it goes from heartbroken to impersonally friendly toward a stranger is so sad. He does an amazing job, so props to Dylan Bruce’s and Parisi Fitz-Henley’s work in this scene.

Everyone’s trying to figure out what the deal is, when two more outsiders arrive in Midnight, looking for Mary’s mother and then for Mary. They find her, half changed to a tiger, and the two goons are dead. She changes back and runs sobbing into Olivia’s arms. Manfred sees the ghost of one of them get into the back of the morgue vehicle. Not exactly sure what that means, but it’s not good. With Patience’s help, Manny gets to the morgue and talks to the ghost. Since as long as the body is stuck in the fridge, he’s stuck there too, so if he wants Manny’s help crossing over, he’d better spill the beans. It seems they wanted the girl for an underground supernatural fight ring. Well yes, a weretiger would be good for that.

Olivia is getting all maternal. And she’s suspicious of the woman who arrives looking for her. (Hey! It’s Peggy from ‘Mike & Molly!’) Well, Olivia is suspicious of everyone, as we know, but she’s generally correct. And it seems that she is the owner of the fight ring. Wow, Olivia was right. And when Olivia’s right, she’s as right af! Grace grabs Mary and is showing her the other attractions, all locked in cages on wheels like the animals on the old animal cracker boxes. They rescue her by betting on Lem in the fight ring and breaking Mary out of her cage when everyone was distracted. Actually, they break everyone out. The fight ring is broken, and Mary can leave with her father, to a safe place for weres in Nevada.

Fiji’s potion isn’t sticking. Bobo thinks he’s met her before. The potion may affect his memory, but his emotions seem to be a tougher nut to crack. (True love’s kiss breaks all spells. Seriously, has Fiji never seen a Disney movie?) She has to take drastic measures. Well, he’s loyal, friendly, affectionate, uncomplicated, and he already has a dog’s name. Really, making Bobo a Labrador retriever wasn’t much of a stretch.

The episode ends with Patience arriving at Manny’s house and, well, you can guess what happened next. I honestly never loved Creek, but this isn’t an improvement. Can we get someone really awesome for Manny? He totally deserves it.

Other things:
– Why would the girl know she’s growing at an unnatural rate? She has no idea what a normal rate of growth would be.
– White overalls, Patience? That’s like a perfect storm of utilitarian and impractical.
– What exactly was that tattoo on the arm of the gypsy ghost?

“It takes a village.”
“So you eternal sunshined him?”
“As much as I’d love to jump you, it’s against state regulations for me to abandon my post.”